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July 2013

Shinku Nendoroid (and other WonFes stuff)

I’m a pretty big Rozen Maiden fan. I think I’ve said that before. One of the reasons I was so excited about the new series (besides it being the first show where I was apart of a fan community, before fandoms were toxic and terrible to be a part of and also eight years is a hell of a long time to wait) was the promise of new figures. Of course there are some older ones I would love to get ahold of one day but it was a nendoroid I truly hoping for. And WonFes just happened to occur after the show began airing!

As WonFes went on and more and more developments were posted from it, though it was only the first day, I began to lose hope and accepted that there would be no Rozen Maiden nendoroids announced. Then, like a miracle, Shinku appeared on MFC and I proceeded to lose control of myself.

I hope this means we’ll get Nendoroids of the other dolls as well. Suigintou seems like a given but if not, I’m pretty content with just Shinku. A Kirakishou one would be pretty amazing though. Hopefully this does well enough to warrant that! I really would probably get all seven of them… sheesh!

Of course there was a bunch of other neat stuff announced, I guess. Tons of Attack on Titan if you’re into that. Personally I think I’ll only ever end up with the Mikasa nendoroid. I purchased Minami from Moshidora at AX despite never watching the show because I fell in love with her on AmiAmi a few months prior. When I was actually playing with her, I noticed how much she looked like Sasha and that if there was ever Titan nendoroids, I could pass her off easily as Sasha. So! I look forward to trying that out. Though an actual Sasha nendoroid with bread and her drooling expression would be wonderful as well. I doubt that’ll happen though.

(Last note about nendoroids, I’m very disappointed there wasn’t anything further on the Sakura nendoroid from last (?) WonFes. Oh well. As long as it’s one day, I think I can probably wait)

I was also surprised by a Tamako Market figure showing up! Strange that it’s Anko rather than Tamako though, isn’t it? Also, strangely enough, it’s by Alter who was the only company to show off a Hyouka figure during winter WonFes. This time, they are the only company (so far?) with a Tamako Market figure. I guess they have something worked out with KyoAni? It’s a bit sad since I would love a Tamako or Shiori figure as well. Well, a few more Hyouka figures showed up this WonFes so maybe Tamako Market figures will show up next WonFes?

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 3

I didn’t know what to expect from this show when I started watching and now we’re on episode three and I especially don’t know what to expect any more.

The revelation that he was actually her dad though seemed out of place, like it should have been later on in the series. I mean it’s clear now that it couldn’t be but at the time it seemed like such an important thing was being brought up too early.

So now that one of the characters I (and everybody?) assumed to be one of the mains is gone and Ai seems to be moving on to somewhere new. I had hoped there would be a timeskip and she’d be in school or something because of the OP but it looks like that isn’t the case. Of course, none of the girls could pass as an older Ai but he also was looking for Hana with black hair and hey, she didn’t soooo?? Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case anyways since characters from the OP appear in the preview but not along side loli Ai so hey who knows.

The ED song is fantastic and I love it. I really cannot get enough of it. So that wonderful song accompanied by Hampnie bonding with his daughter as they make their way back to the village seemed really sweet. On the other hand, it also made Ai burying her father and breaking down crying just as the chorus starts to be even sadder and even more powerful. If, for some reason, he actually came back later (as I heard people speculating he might) it would ruin such a great scene for me. Right now, it’s that scene being so good that’s keeping me holding on to this show.

Though I kind of like watching a show I know nothing about continue to surprise me and have me ask questions. I at least now understand what it means to be dead when for a while I was confused about what it mean to be alive. It wasn’t that clear until they explained it for the fifth time.

I am worried the new characters from here on out will be as dull as they look but hey Scar looked boring and she turned out to be a pretty cool guy.

Doki Doki Precure Mid Impressions

For all of it’s faults, I’ve really enjoyed Doki Doki Precure. So far, anyways. In recent weeks even I’ve had my faith shaken in it. But it’s the first Precure I’ve actually stuck with. I tried Fresh and Smile but Doki was the first one that kept me going for so long. I didn’t really have a chance to talk about it before though so now that the series has reached the middle(ish) mark, I figure I could stop to talk about the recent episodes.

Regina  not being Cure Ace is the dumbest thing and I will be mad about that forever. I will be on my death bed with my great grandchildren huddled around me and my final words will be “Regina wasn’t Cure Ace. How dumb was that?” and then expire.

It does make the Regina being part of the princess with Ai or Regina being their future child theory more possible but those are both still dumb possibilities and I really wish she would have become a Precure. Maybe she will in the future still? The first (?) Precure series with six? At the very least maybe she’ll get one at the very end or something.

It is tiring to see her going back and forth though. If she had become a Precure we could have just been done with it. No more of the girls yelling after her, no switching sides and then switching back when she remembers the power of friendship. None of that. Instead we get another episode where she learns to love and whoop, back to evil again.

It was so nice seeing Sword trust her too.

Though I do like Regina well enough when she isn’t having a moral conflict and angsting about it. It’s bad enough that the other girls (Rosetta especially) don’t get many episodes that focus on them but then we have so many that are only Regina and Heart focused for so long. If she had become a precure, we could have moved on. Regina doing human things happily would have even been a cute episode to see. Nope.

And introducing a new character after all that character building for Regina? Weak, man. Real weak. At least it wasn’t Marie Ange. I’m not sure how I feel about a new character especially one who seems so close to what Sword originally was. She does raise a lot of questions and it does seem like it’ll be interesting to find out who she is. Plus she seems cool and KugiRie actually sounds better than expected. As long as she isn’t secretly Marie Ange or something I guess I’m fine with her.

One valid complaint I see often is how Ai keeps saving the Precures butts and they haven’t worked as hard for anything. Since Ace seems to be close with Ai, I’m hoping she’ll stop her from assisting the Precures and her ‘training’ will result in the girls having to fight harder than usual and when they get their next big power up, it’ll be something they got with their own power and through a lot of hard work.

I still have hope for Doki and I really enjoy each week still. It may always have a special place in my heart for being the first Precure I actually watched for more than five episodes. I do hope that there will be less Regina drama in the second half and Rosetta, Diamond and Sword will get more individual focus though.

If not I’ll settle for more of Ace being a total bamf.

ManaRitsu 4eva

Summer 2013 First Impressions

I cannot overstate how excited I am for this season. So many adaptions I was looking forward to as well as some original stuff that I was pretty hyped about. I was disappointed I couldn’t watch some of this stuff immediately because now I’m quite behind but I was in LA for AX and that was definitely more fun than watching the first episodes of a couple of shows.

But hey now I can watch them and I’m still super excited about that!

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