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November 2013

Madoka Kaname is 2013’s Saimoe Champion

Were you expecting Sayaka? Too bad! It’s a cute girl! Wait. I’m a Sayaka fan.

Well, I predicted Madoka would win… two years ago. Well, better late than never? This makes Puella Magi Madoka Magica the first series to have two different champions to come from its show. And really? I was kinda disappointed. Like sure I’m glad Madoka won, better than a Saki right? Saki had a surprisingly poor showing after last year. I was worried another season would tilt Saimoe next year but I guess I don’t need to worry.

I do need to worry that we’ll end up with an all Madoka final group again though. Homura once again was the only character not to make it to finals. Homura, according to Saimoe voters 1 is the least popular. Kyouko better than Homura? Whatever they’re on must be some powerful stuff.

One of the biggest surprises was Watashi from Jinrui doing so fantastically and being the only non-Madoka to make it to the final four. She beat Kirino from Oreimo, Kyouko from Yuruyuri, AZUSA AZUKI, and Sawa from Tari Tari. I predicted Azusa and Tsukiko would wipe the floors with most girls but apparently they really were just flavours of the month.

The losers round is like redemption island on Survivor. An unnecessary, boring addition that dragged the tournament on beyond the point that I could care about. Really, if Watashi hadn’t made it so far I would have stopped watching it altogether. I mean, like I know it’s a totally stupid, meaningless event but I enjoy it from afar and seeing a surprising, non-popular character go that far? It was amazing. If only she had won. There’d be no need for Saimoe. How could you top Watashi winning? It would be the underdog story of our lifetimes. We’d tell our grandchildren (well, Saimoe is over ten years old, right) and have them pass down the legend of Watashi’s victory against Sakis and Madokas alike. I guess we’ll never know what could have been.

I know it’s not like I post every single day or even what could be considered ‘regularly’ but I did have a bunch of posts planned leading up into December including a very special edition of the music feature and a very, very big rant about Korra. However, between trivial stuff like trying to complete NaNo on my short amount of free time to Very Important Adult things like working two jobs (around 40-50hrs and up a week) to moving out on my own to my very first apartment, I haven’t had time for stuff like this.

I will eventually post both of those in due time. The feature at the beginning of December when it’s still relevant, hopefully and the Korra later if my time doesn’t free up once I’ve moved. However December is usually a busy time for me as I rush to get in my year end compilation posts or the 12 days thing done. So, hopefully I’ll get back to this soon!

Also, real talk? I am one hundred percent done with packing figures.


  1. whose taste is questionable to begin with

Legend of Korra S2 Episode 10 Impressions

Two posts about western shows in a row? Here’s my aniblogger badge because I am DONE.

Korra’s season finale is in like four episodes which is only two weeks because I think they’re airing two episodes next week? If they’re anything like this, I imagine it’ll be quite a doozy. Still, I probably could have waited to write a lot of this up. The end of episode 10 was just so good though that I had to get some of this off my chest before the season finale happens.

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RWBY S1 Final Impressions

It’s kind of funny that I’m so behind on everything I’m supposed to be watching this season but still found time to marathon RWBY. Well, to be fair most episodes are under 10 minutes and overall the whole season is about over an hour long. I had watched a bit at the beginning when it first came out (after months of trepidation and excitement) but waiting all week to watch such a short show was a bit of a chore. So, I marathoned the show just before The Stray so I could watch the finale.

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