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January 2014

Outbreak Company Final Impressions

Outbreak Company is both remarkable and totally as bland as you might expect. It was such a surprising treat. Full of references to everything. some blatant, some obscure and some (most?) right in your face not bothering to hide at all. But just as much as it was a treat for someone who watches a lot of anime, it also skewered some of the things that make otaku so nasty and I appreciate that.

Truly, Outbreak Company was a million times better than I possibly thought it could ever be when I first watched episode one. So it’s average but I love it.

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Winter 2014 First Impressions

I think Outbreak Company and Kyousougiga were the only shows that finished airing for me from fall so I’ll do a seperate post about Outbreak Company later. Does it really deserve one? Who knows. Kinda. Outbreak Company wasn’t that bad.

But that’s over and done and onto the next onslaught of shows.

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Nagi no Asukara Episode 13

Before we start this big ol’ rant let me say that I was with Asukara at the start. I expected to hate it (and in the end I did) but for awhile there was a time when I actually kind of enjoyed it. Many times, the show did stuff that I didn’t expect and surprised me. That didn’t stop the end result from being predictable as hell though.

“But Fang-tan!”, you cry, “It’s not over yet!”

Well, you know, it might as well be.

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