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March 2014

Winter 2014 Final Impressions

(featuring: Kill la Kill, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren, Nagi no Asukara)

Once again, I didn’t watch as much as I intended too. I’ve been doing busy Adult Things™. I finally understand why so many sites closed in my youth due to other responsibilities. For instance, I’ve been living in a hotel for quite some time while they do renovations on my apartment. It was only supposed to last two weeks but going on four weeks later and here I still am. Less adult stuff, I played A LOT of Bravely Default since I’ve been staying here.

Next Exit Trance album is out soon and I’ll actually stay on top of that one. It’ll get a regular post unlike the last one. It has a few tracks I’m interested in. Furthermore, over at Dancemania EX they’ve noted the dwindling sales of the series. Odd. Perhaps the increase in releases with a last-ditch effort to try and salvage the series? I wonder when and if it’ll be ending soon for good.

Well, that aside let’s have a final look at the few shows I managed to watch this season. I intend to finish Noragami and Nobunagun some other time and I’m ever so slowly watching Space Dandy so those three are omitted.

We’re so close to Mekaku City Actors that I can almost taste it!

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Bravely Default Final Impressions

I don’t normally post about games here. That’s because some of the games I play aren’t ones that would fit in here, or are 3DS ones like X/Y or New Leaf or EO4. Which are all fun and good but it’s hard for me to sum it up as much more than that.

But Bravely Default was different for me. I never thought I’d come to enjoy a SQEX JRPG, especially one so inspired by Final Fantasy. I fell in love with it and despite the bumps the game had along the way, I continued loving it right to the very end.

Unmarked spoilers of varying degree ahead.

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