Shina Dark Vocal Album

Oh gosh*, when was this released?I just saw it on Tokyotoshokan and almost died. I literally almost died. How long has it been since we were promised our SHAFT SD anime? Many a month ago. Anyways, I’d pick this up just for  the Yuuki Aira (the track Moon Legend is actually the song from this video in case you thought it sounded famillar as I did) track. Tomatsu Haruka (who pretty much EXPLODED into our heads this season) and some other singer I’m too tired to recognize is also there and they preform Heaven’s Tree which is a pretty agreeable song (from the other preview I assume, again, too tired to search for) UNTIL this other singer who is clearly not our beloved Tomatsu-sama starts singing. Then you want to shoot yourself.

Anyways I am, as stated many times, really, really overtired. So I will not upload the album tonight. You can pick it up on TT and if you can’t use/won’t use torrents than look around. I’ll upload it this weekend for good measure because it’s awesome and starved Shina Dark fans should and will eat this one up.

* Fang swears too much, it’s not ladylike. She will replace most swears with gosh. If applicable of course.


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