Night Wizard! #7, #8 Synopsis

My original entry for both of them and the screencaps got deleted. So here’s a quick synopsis of both those two episodes (nine and ten coming when subs are out).

Night Wizard! #7
Elis and Renji are teleported to the past where the must fight a demon lord who wishes to revive her great master. Kirihito also appears and helps Renji. But after getting the second last jewel Elis uses her broom to create a giant sword like weapon. She easily destroys Amy (much to the amazement of Kirihito and Renji). Then the two are brought back to their time. Meanwhile, Anzelotte is monotoring the calm before the storm.

Night Wizard #8
Elis is getting worried because her birthday is in three days. Nightmare and Mayuri meet up with the gang as Anzelotte calls everyone to their castle. They find out that the Jewel of Hope is on Saturn and but don’t know how to find it because Saturn is huge. Anzelotte says that once the jewel is found it will lead to the final battle which will decide the fate of the earth. Anzelotte gets them to Saturn and explains their mission. But the red moon appears and it turns out that Bell is there. Long story short, Bell and her eumulators fight with Anzelotte and her Night Wizards (Anzelotte doesn’t really fight). Bell gets the jewel but then Elis gets the jewel. But they all turn red and Elis starts to lose control to Shaimaal so that she even ends up hurting Renji.

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