Vagrancy – Istoria ~ Musa~

Istoria ~Musa~

This album was loooong released ago.  However, I just downloaded it and fell in love. I love vocal, vocal is my favorite genre. So, let this be a warmup to C75, some music reviews to take up space!

  1. Kalliope – カリオペ
    I don’t know what the background story is for these songs and I assume there is one a la Moira due to the themed names and art around the album. But this sounds like a b-side track for the Umineko no Naku Koro ni single (those weren’t actually so good). This is because
    Akiko Shikata is singing!
  2. Euterpe – エウテルペ
    This one is instrumental and the beginning can’t help be compared to sounding like something from the Spice and Wolf ost. As I said, vocal is my favorite but this is still an enjoyable Horo-rific track.
  3. Erato – エラト
    Some more Shikata but this time it’s a little more easy-going. Sounds like it could be th opening for
    Ikoku Meiro no Croisée if it had an anime adaption. Ohmygod, that would be awesome.
  4. Terpsichora – テルプシコラ
    This song uses just minor background vocals but the low chanting is awesome. Low Chanting make everything awesome. So far, this entire album seems like a really cool OST that would make you watch a series just for the music (hey, I did that just for Innocent Venus!).
  5. Kleio – クレイオ
    This is the longest track on the album and it appears that the instrumental tracks are longer. Which is obvious because you can only sing for so long, right? I still don’t know if there is a direct story behind the songs or the album in general but I don’t have much to say about this song other than it’s a soothing one moment (and will go on my ipod if only because the begining will lull me into the greatest greek-dream-inspired sleep ever. So I’ll give you a little history lesson. The titles of the songs are all muses. Kleio is the muse of history (see below for a quick refrence). There is one song for each muse. So, if there is any other story, I don’t know it because I just picked this album up on a whim, heard Shikata’s voice and started writing.
  6. Thaleia – タレイア
    This is probably my least favorite track. It’s very jazz influenced and I hate jazz (unless it’s Azure&Sands). So I don’t have much to say on it.
  7. Melpomene – メルポメネ
    Slower and a little more despairing. I feel reminded of A Midnight Summer’s Dream for some reason.I can’t remember why but I haven’t read the book in awhile. Didn’t one of the girls go crazy with unrequited love? Ah, well if not I know it’s something along those lines.
  8. Ourania – ウラニア
    This was one track I was looking forward to because when I went to the site it said
    bermei.inazawa had done this track. If you don’t know who that is it is, I THINK, one half of anNina who did the end for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai (also, maybea Natal review coming. I don’t know). The other half is Annabel, I think. This song though, doesn’t pick up until near the end at maybe the 3:00 mark
  9. Polymnia – ポリュムニア
    More low chanting that adds to a kinda sad sounding song. It reminds me of Kyoutenka from Eternal Sonata. Hmmm.

Kalliope = ‘epic or heroic poetry’
Euterpe = ‘music’
Erato = ‘love and love related music’
Terpsichora = ‘choral song’
Kleio = ‘history’
Thaleia = ‘comedy’
Melpomene = ‘tragedy’
Ourania = ‘Astronomy’
Polyhymnia = ‘sacred songs’

Fang’s Rating: 9½/10 (I’m being biased because Akiko Shikata is on it, the last few tracks weren’t the greatest)


  • míh

    January 25, 2009

    OMG!!Thanks!Really thanks!!!I love this singer..waaah those songs are beautifull.*–*

  • jessilestrange

    April 11, 2009

    thanks so much for sharing this. good to know there’s more fans of Akiko Shikata out there =]
    thanks again for uploading all of this. i know how much of a pain it can be >__>

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