Night Wizard #12

Cute Renji is Cute

Don’t you just love how it went from eight to twleve with me?

That’s because this was amazing. Even though I knew it would come to this, even though we knew he was the bad guy (although I did not see him becing Gazer (or whatever his name is) but being Oji-sama was obvious), we knew Kureha and Akira would be enemies, and we knew it would be super Elis. The one thing I didn’t see coming? Bell and Anzelotte having tea together.


Why yes! I am fucking awesome.

The only thing better than this dramatic pseudo-romantic set-up full of tears and break-through is Tales of Symphonia OAV 4


That’s what you get for standing in the way of my precious Elis X Renji, bitc- I mean..uh…nooo~

It was actually pretty sad listening to Elis cry while she though of her good times together. See, even if Kureha was standing in the way of my perfect OTP, if she dies, which she won’t, it will still be sad now.

The most beautiful and symbolic scene in the entire anime. Fan-freaking-tastic.

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  • Etoh

    December 22, 2007

    I’d expected the big surprises (Gazer/Oji-sama), but it was handled well and there was never a dull or wasted moment. Can’t wait for the next episode!

    Side note: IIRC the rose hip tea scene was featured briefly in the preview of episode #11.

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