Fanartist Appreciation: Tatetsu Teto

No, not that twintail’d Vocaloid. I’m talking about one of my favorite artists ever. But I don’t think that many people see how awesome this artist is. Or even know (as fanartist’s are so under appreciated).  So here is a small showcase of awesome.

His pixiv account is here:

Some nakkid Shana ahead but nothing too NSFW.

EDIT: I have only come to appreciate how cute her pokemon gijinka are. Giratina~ <3

Toradora Index Index Original Shana Palmtop Tiger Flan Vocaloid Shana Shana Pixiv-tan Shana Pokemon Shana *3* Shana Pokemon Original Pokemon Original Shana Gundam 00 Vocaloid Shugo Chara Nanoha StrikerS Lucky Star SHnY Kino Shugo Chara Original (personal fav) Shana Shana Nanoha StrikerS Shana Zero no Tsukaima Shana Shana Original Original Potemayo Shana Alice Original Cirno Original Vocaloid Original Pokemon

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