[c75] IOSYS – Bubbling Underground

IOSYS - Bubbling Underground

Ahhhhhh, the new motion graphic is released today (the preview has Virgiliiiiiia in it too!) and so is the new Albatrosicks album (there is also a the Subterranean Animism =neutral= album). How long until torrents? How long until my ears are soothed? Ah, I hope it’s before school starts again. Well, because I’m too anxious so here’s a IOSYS remix. I only picked it up because it has a Thriller remix on it! Hahahaha.

  1. おことわり
    Well that backgroundchanting was cute.
  2. 有頂天マゾヒスティック
    Ah, can it be Albatrosicks tiem yet? This song reminds me of that techno-y mortal combat theme. Well at first. It’s just an overall cute trance with miko. The song is pretty boring up until 3:15.
  3. 第1幕 「幻想郷エクスタシーアンダーグラウンド」
    Oh. My. God. I’ve been yearing for some more Touhou disco remixes/arrangements. If you’re like me in that regard than you want to pick this album up if only for this song. Haa, remember that Shina Dark vocal album? How the Tomatsu-sama track had annoying vocals? It’s the same with this.
  4. サタデーナイトフィッシュガール
    Another disco-y track? Well the vocals are more agreeable with 3L who, forgive me miko, is probably my favorite IOSYS vocalist. Yeah this one holds that disco feel better than track 3 which is outshined (not outshined…) by the vocals
  5. モリヤ一家のお料理教室
    Should we just wait for the Silver Forest album? Kero (9) Destiny was much cuter.
  6. 知りすぎた少女さとり
    So maybe not as much a brainfart as Border of Ecstasy was but still pretty wtf. The screaming becomes pretty fun to listen to after awhile. Well RoughSketch is a pretty awesome Trancecore DJ so I think I should look out for him some more. I’m pretty sure RoughSketch has some tracks on some Tano*C albums but I don’t pay attention to Tano*C so…
  7. 知りすぎた少女さとり
    This is a very different track for an IOSYS album. I don’t normally like acoustic guitar but this turned out well. Actually, this song reminds me of the remix of Sanae’s theme IOSYs did awhile back called Pray
  8. ハートフルネコロマンサー
    Ahahahaha, this is it. The Thriller one. The little scream at the beginning is adorable and so are the vocals (3l, surprise surprise?) but this is just so cute (well, not the guy parts).  I wish IOSYS would have done a PV for this song. Can’t you just imagine?
  9. モリヤ一家のガーデニング教室
    The hell with these short Native Faith remixes.
  10. 第3幕 「山林管理事務員コチヤの憂鬱」
    I guess I should have done some more research on this album before actually listening to it. If I wanted a drama-esque album I would have looked for one of those. There were a few at the last comiket I remember. See, this song has inspired me to say nothing actually about it.
  11. あたしまりさ
    This album literally dips into EVERY musical style there is. We just need a polka. Maybe those Suwako songs count as that? I really like this track despite the scary heavy-metal-ish scream in the back. Although the vocals feel like you’ve put the song on a -0.5 playback so it’s slower.
  12. 210LiNO DANMAKU Innovation
    This is a parody of something. I just know it. I just know it has to be. I guess I might be wrong but it sounded familiar. The chorus is lol worthy and I don’t even know why. It must be the guitars and drums with those silly vocals. Maybe.
  13. モリヤ一家の株式投資教室
    I want to know what the story is behind these Native Faith remixes? If I didn’t know better, and i don’t, I could guess Kanako, Sanae and Suwako were each respectively singing them. I thought they were the same song at first.
  14. 第4幕 「月から降るアンセム」
    The first part sounded so dirty. Well, to me atleast. Anyways, this song must be one of the most awesome. Especially later on in the song it sounds very harmonized.
  15. 温泉賛歌
    Ah, the Dummy song. There must always be one? Right? Well that one with the Mokou vs. Marisa PV will always be the most awesome. God I miss Clairvoyance. Anyways, this one is one of the better ones in recent memory I think. But I’ve never really been a fan of him. (Actually, hmmm… there are the exact same guitar parts as the Maid Guy song so is this a parody or something? At first I thought they sounded the same but after hearing that… listen at 1:52 if you’ve heard Work Guy)

Fang’s Rating: 7/10

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