[c75] Otaku-Elite Recordings – Purple and Cherrypink

I heard the vocals were really nice on this one. So, I picked it up. Because, as you might know, vocals are a real turn on for me. Okay, that sounded a lot weirder than it should have.

  1. purple and cherrypink
    One of the longer songs (third) and one of my favorites. It sounds really nice. I mean D.watt does some of the best IOSYS songs. I’m not even just saying that. 90% of listenable IOSYS music involves D.watt (Eirin’s Love Clinic, Fragrance of Oriental Flower (which has the greatest flash ever), etc) and this is his album. The vocals are really nice. They remind me of the song Itou Kanako did for the Higurashi DS game. They do feel a little bland after awhile but it still sounds pretty cool.
  2. tears of the dolls
    I didn’t like this one as much because of the vocals actually. They’re kinda creepy. They remind me of that Omna Magni song (or whatever it’s called). That song was creepy too.
  3. Interlude (from “Crystalize Silver”)
    I thought this was a chiptune with drums in it. As much as I dislike chiptunes, I was intrigued.
  4. Yes you can, Chen!
    The vocals were really cute. Loser Kashiwagi helps out on this one but I’m pretty sure that means nothing to you.
  5. Gensokyo Hakugyoku H.S School Song
    This was the reason I got this album. I heard it was cute and featured lots of different people. Well, it really does. No doubt that you’ve heard all of them before. It’s very catchy and you don’t want to sing along to the chorus.
  6. Interlude (from “Phantom Ensemble”)
    Like track three only without real drums. I like this one more.
  7. And I love the world ~キレそうな紫の幾年月
    Sound Cyclone appears on this one. This song is so easy going and breezy. I just want to lie somewhere, start reading and listen to it! I don’t like the vocals as much as I should but it’s because the bgm is just too nice. Although, the vocals do improve on the chorus.
  8. from Japanize Dream
    This is actual chiptune. Therefore, I have no comment.
  9. 幻想郷には君と二人で
    Wow, 11 minutes? Good thing it’s catchy. It features some remix of some already famous remixes. So that should be good for some people.

Fang’s Rating: 8/10 (would be nine, if not for chiptune)


  • Rakuen

    January 2, 2009

    Are these tracks from Touhou?

    Honestly, I haven’t played any part of the series.

    Could you enlighten me a little bit, Fang-tan?

  • Funkies

    January 2, 2009

    Loser Kashiwagi is NOT dead

    I swear.

  • Fang-tan

    January 2, 2009

    They’re actually just remixes from Touhou.

    He released his own album too, didn’t he? I should probably give that a listen when I have a chance.

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