[c75] =Neutral= – Heart to Heart

=Neutral= released three different albums I think. This was the only one I was really kinda interested in (although I think there was a song on the other one that I liked). From what I can tell before listening, this isn’t entirely a Subterranean Animism remix album (although having someone confirm or deny would be helpful). They’ve already done that. It was awesome. Hopefully this lives up to Darkness.

  1. 地霊殿の雪
    Very oriental and calm. This is the stage four theme, just before Satorin. But 3rd Eye is the best track from SA anyways. Although, there isn’t much to redeem this song. Even if it is very soothing, it does get boring.
  2. 旅行したい!
    Be of Good Cheer isn’t a song I particularly care for and there are two remixes of it on Heart to Heart. Well, normally I don’t care for guitar but it works out pretty well here because the later of this song is kind is kind of too loli. The guitars remedy that.
  3. 渡る者の途絶えた橋
    The beginning of this reminds me a bit too much of zts and dai’s tracks on the Umn BGM. But that’s only at the begining. Personally, I’m partial to this song. Too jazzy. I only like my jazz when it’s wrapped in Azure&Sands.
  4. R259 ~ 地獄バイパス
    Wow, there’s a little bit of every thing here. Like my last review only longer. I’m not famillar with o.k.o.G4 but I didn’t mind this. So, I may end up looking for a bit more from them.
  5. 少女さとり ~ 3rd eye
    Yay, Satorin’s theme. Honestly, no matter how you wrap it, it sounds creepy. Because of that, I’ve always thought Satorin was a little creepy. Ahhh, how could I say that?! She’s so cute! Errr… well. On the actual song, I’ve already said it was creepy. But not, not, not anywhere as close as the Darkness remix.
  6. 青眼のJEALOUSY
    Normally, a something I don’t really like. It still isn’t a song that will make it to the top of my Touhou playlist but worth listening too. My only regret is that it’s a little slow. Songs like these do get boring without vocals.
  7. 廃獄ララバイ
    I am able to recognize this song perfectly for some reason. Considering I’ve only played SA once, it surprises me.
    Here is the second Be of Good Cheer track. I like it better than the first. But the original isn’t particularly a song I enjoy. So, I probably don’t have much of an opinion.
  9. 業火マントル
    This song is actually pretty trippy. It reminds me of an arrange for an old GBA Zelda game for some reason.
  10. 妄想丑の刻参り -Original-
    This is one of my favorite tracks. Parsee’s theme sounds very depressing. I don’t think her theme is particularly impressive, unlike Hiiiina,  but so many amazing remixes come out of it. And this is one of them.
  11. 暗闇の風穴
    Another slow song, but this one isn’t quite as nice as track 11. Still, it’s an improvement over the one’s that are a little boring. This one atleast keeps my interest. Because it changes instead of repeating over and over.
  12. ラストリモート
    Retro song is retro.
  13. 旧地獄爆速街道 ~full throttle mix~
    Another favorite because it’s so upbeat while some of the songs here dragged along. Unfortunatly, while it’s undeniably fun, it’s the shortest track.
  14. エネルギー冷麺
  15. Again, the upbeat ones are short. I don’t like this one as much as track 13 thought because it goes into too much repeating. But it changes it’s sound so often, so that’s okay.
  16. ハートフェルトファンシー
    Back to those dragging, somewhat boring songs. To each their own. The tracks I may enjoy may bring the same feeling of the ones I dislike.
  17. 間欠泉を目指せ
    Perhaps for it’s oriental feel I am reminded of this being a track from an OST. I don’t know which one. But it seems like it could play at a suspicious moment. So this song is suspicious?

Fang’s Rating: 7/10 (I miss nazz-can)

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