[c75] Love Solfege – アクルグ解析による自由への教唆

I reviewed their last comiket album, so I figured I’d do the same with this one. Couldn’t hurt right? I mean there’s only a certain amount of time I can ride out on comiket reviews.

  1. dusk cage
    There aren’t as any tracks as the last album but I believe they’re a little bit longer than said last album. I think anyways. I’ve been listening to too much うみねこのなく頃に BGM because the beginning reminds me of it. Well, it’s still nice. Very early Sound Horizon.
  2. agitando malaugurato di ali
    Wow, the song does a 360 and speeds up a little before the music. It sounds like Shikata-esque (not vocals of course. Shikata-sama has her own tone) and very fantastical.
  3. the wise snake
    Wow, this album just flip flops all over the place. Not in a bad way though. Although the beginning of this song was a little tedious, it quickly picks up.
  4. Lilith
    This one is surprisingly very pop. And because of that it’s hard to say much about it. Atleast… the vocals are still pretty?
  5. 昏黒の公式
    Oops, this is the shortest song. I was mistaken. This song initially didn’t appear in my playlist so you can understand my confusion. Again, I’m reminded of Dai…
  6. Gdstrb();
    If this isn’t the correct title, please tell me because alot of info is messed up as it is (Thanks to Funkies for the correct info!). Particularly with the artists and such. Well, as I said with track three, the genre’s are all over the place. This one is electronic and not as poppy as track four. But unlike track four, the vocals are enjoyable here all the time. The random piano is a nice touch too. Between track one, two, seven and this one, I really can’t pick my favorite.
  7. Samael
    I like the piano and Jenya returns (well, she’s pretty much a fixed addition so…). Got to love her low voice? Right? And English that isn’t exactly Engrish. This song reminds me of Tim Burton for some reason. Ahaha, we’ll take that as a good thing.
  8. magusの対偶
    Yes! Uppity and fun from the beginning! It’s intense and dramatic and that’s the thing I love in a song! The vocals return to being awesome and it dips into different feelings and genres as this album did. Even the pop part didn’t bother me. Because this was an awesome finish to an awesome song.

Fang’s Rating: 9/10

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