A very Umineko-y post

Why so dea- *sacrificed during the fifth twilight*

I got a new laptop (I can play games again and 160 gbs, *q*) so I’m hardly seeding anything. How awful~ well I went to prepare my ipod to be erased and replaced with the songs on my current itunes when I saw what we had been eagerly awaiting over on Tokyo Toshokan. Active Pain and Sound of the Golden Witch, delievered. I was estatic. I’ll try to provide a download later.

Banquet of the Golden Witch – activepain (full ver.)

May I say, activepain is the best Umineko ed? I don’t care for the full version (atleast what I heard, I know there was an alternative version on the single so it might be more fitting). I don’t really like the ep4 ed but I only heard a little bit of it. Hopefully it will grow on me (or another fan-animation could help).

Ep4 spoilers for the lulz

Also, sorry about the lateness of this but Witch-Hunt released the  full translation for Episode Three, Banquet of the Golden Witch. You can find it over at their website or Baka-Tsuki. I have to restart because I switched computers without considering replaying and had installed the patch before I switched computers. Hmm, it’ll be troublesome. I should just get four. Gah, but I don’t have money and can’t find the game not in a .mdf (or whatever) format. Oh well, when the ep4 patch comes I’ll just worry about that then. But I can’t wait. I mean I’ve already been spoiled for the game and my mind is in a constant state of wth because of said spoilers but I still can’t wait to play. Siesta 00 and MARIA, FTW. (Oh and Virgilia too~)

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