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I meant to review the last UmaUma album but I decided not too. It was a little hard because I didn’t know as many songs. But I’ve included a scan from UmaUma here because it includes an image of the artists, including Caaaamry~ there are some with this album as well. You can find them below too.

  • 同じ空の下で (家族計画より)
    Never heard the original, but wow. What a great start don’t you think? Exit Trance has really improved since I first heard them. I mean they crank out albums nearly every week and usually these one that gain my attention but still. I’d like to find the original but I didn’t have much luck or I wasn’t searching very well.
  • 悠久の翼 (ef – the first tale)
    Well, who isn’t famillar with this one? Although it’s less popular than some other songs so I’ll let it slide (what exactly are we letting slide?) this time. Well, I thought I was going to like it less than the first track but I was wrong. The vocals are weak lots of the time but they end up shining, but not enough to outshine the actual music. Which is more kickass than usual. Yes, so far this is shaping up to be x10 better than the last code speed 5!
  • Fragment ~Shooting star of the origin~ (水夏A.S+ Eternal Nameオープニングテーマ)
    Why hallo thar, Camry. My loooove! Well, errr, to less nerdy things. We continue our parade of awesome. This another case of one of those ‘better than the originals’. Don’tcha just love those? How can you not? I guess my opinion might be considered biased on this one because, as you may know if you’ve followed my previous Exit Trance posts, I have a thing for Camry. I’m gay for her. But no, that’s not it. The song, just the song, vocals excluded, is just awesome. When is they going to release the vocaless version for this? I had the secret versions of some of the anime remixes but I wasn’t as impressed. Maybe it was because the older BGM in the old songs suuuucked? Maybe.
  • Feeling Heart (テーマ ∕ To Heart)
    The vocalist for this one is someone I don’t think I recognize. I don’t really care for the vocals in this one at all. but they improve just like track two. Cept unlike in track two the music doesn’t compliment the vocals. It’s bland and boring for the most part. I’ll just consider this a small speedbump in our parade of awesome. Cause it’s not terrible.
  • コンプレックス・イマージュ (オープニング ∕ ひぐらしのく頃に祭「澪尽くし編」)
    This is like… the biggest reason I wanted this album. I love Complex Image. It’s one of my favorite songs. Although the songs from both seasons of the Higurashi anime were pretty badass. I guess it’s ironic that this, the track I yearned for most, turned out to be dissapointing. Hmph. Same problem as track four. Boring BGM with even less exciting vocals.
  • Still I love you ~みつめるよりは幸せ~ (School Days)
    Picking up from those two let downs before this, we come to the first of two School Days remixes (one is a repeat though, right?) which is Still I Love You. Whom I wonder is doing vocals? I wonder? I wonder?! *evil cackle* Well, just guess mmmmkay? Hahaha. I’m sorry to say the vocals are a little lacking on this too and the BGM continues to be a little boring. Come on! I want to have those early fun beats again!
  • 運命 -SADAME- (うたわれるもの)
    Yeah, well screw it. I can’t tell what game this is from. I thought for sure there was a song called Sadame in the Utaware game. But, no? Confirmed, it is from Utawarerumono. Ah well, it sounds pretty anyways. The music picks up from the previous disappointments but only a little. It can’t be compared to the awesome first tracks.
  • ディアノイア
    Again, don’t know where it’s from. Don’t care. Still not impressed. The BGM is okay again. But I guess I set myself up with too high expectations after those gems at the begining.
  • I Bless Thy Life (天使ノ二挺拳銃Angelos Armasより)
    Wow, kinda picked up again. The music is great and the vocalist lacks but the music is awesome enough to save them. The song gets a little boring (which wasn’t a problem with the gems) but it’s still better than previously mentioned failures.
  • HOLY WORLD (機神咆吼デモンベインより)
    Wasn’t expecting a guy vocalist (I just didn’t check who the artists were, truthfully) but still okay. NiNE has sung better but the music it’s self doesn’t compliment him. So  won’t blame him.
  • 君に続く軌跡 (空を飛ぶ、3つの方法)
    I swear I just heard this song somewhere else. Eh. Guess not cause I didn’t know where it was from (I sorta guessed the source, if someone could correct me that would be great). Anywho, the vocalist redeemed herself. I didn’t like her other songs exactly. Her high notes are the best part of the song. She seems like somebody who shouldn’t be doing such high parts but still does them magnificently.
  • You make my day! (処女はお姉さまに恋してるより)
    Camry did a lot of songs this time, right? Wow! Anyways, I loved the music (even if it still wasn’t as awesome as the earlier more energetic tracks) and the vocals were super cute. Are we recovering from the fail songs? I don’t want to jinx it…
  • Saya no Uta (Saya no Uta)
    Oh fucking awesome. I don’t know who the vocalist is but it’s awesome. Such a sharp contrast to the normal ET vocalists. The music is pretty awesome too. It has to be, I think. I know this game is creepy and I sort of got the feeling that reflected well into this. But i might have to hear the original to judge whether or not it’s just following the source directly.
  • 悲しみの向こうへ (School Days-スクールデイズ-より)
    Second School days track, a reuse from a previous anime album. Oh, I was wrong. It was from a UmaUma album!  See? Well, the vocals by MAKI (who is growin’ on me) live  up to the original and perhaps even exceed it. The music is pretty good too, it doesn’t stay in one state for too long so it ain’t too boring.
  • philosophy (エンディング ∕ 家族計画~絆の響~)
    The vocals are a little dissapointing but they’ll do fine. The music is what shines I think. It’s like track fourteen in that it doesn’t stay in one place for too long. Can’t get boring that way, right?
  • 凛花 (オープニング ∕ らいむいろ戦奇譚)
    Acid=Stone Valley has to be one of the best… composers? Augh, that’ll be the word for it. I really like it, despite the annoying vocals (sorry Ma15). So I’d like a vocaless version. Doubt it’ll happen though.
  • スマイル0円 (オープニング ∕ PiaキャロットへようこそG.O.)
    See the same as the previous track. I just like Ryu* a little less than A=SV.
  • Lunatic Tears… (オープニング ∕ 11eyes)
    I was already familiar with this track cause I play it on Stepmania. But. WOW. Can you say favorite? DJ Sa9, I applaud. Please do more, okay?!? The vocals are outstanding and the music it’s self is everywhere and just awesome. It was even kinda creepy at around the 00:30 mark. Great!
  • Find the blue (オープニング ∕ CHAOS;HEAD)
    xue does vocals again. The vocals were awesome in Lunatic tears but don’t fit as well here. I mean don’t get me wrong. Still crazy awesome. But the music isn’t as exciting or fun as track eighteen. They still have their moments and are in no way terrible.
  • 永遠の存在者
    Don’t care for the vocals but Sa9 is awesome and the music is awesome and so the vocals can be awesome in that equation. A rather weak finish to such a great album but not the worst this album had to offer.

Fang’s Rating: 9/10 (I wanted to give it a ten so bad but those tracks in the middle…)

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  • chiboula

    February 26, 2009

    Where can I download this album ?

  • omolle92

    December 16, 2009

    love the first track
    it’s ‘Under The Same Sky’ by KOTOKO
    it was used in the Family Project game trailer

  • omolle92

    December 16, 2009

    btw track 8 is the opening from Saishuu-Shiken Kujira ~Progressive Memories~ sung by riya (eufonius)

  • omolle92

    December 16, 2009

    & srry 4 double post

  • Fang-tan

    December 18, 2009

    That’s okay, I fixed that. Thanks for the information too. I was really out of the loop on this album!

  • ron1n

    January 30, 2010

    @chiboula You don’t. Go buy it.

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