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LuteciaAgito.jpg Lutecia and Agito~ image by MedliSage

I was replying to a comment in another blog about the new anime season. I was going to lament the loss of our super charged mahou shoujo devil when a new idea popped into my head. The only thing better then a Touhou anime? A nanohaXfate-esque lovefest between Vivio and Lutecia.

For more details on VL lovefest, read below. But this is also to sum up all final feelings about StrikerS. I’m way to lazy and busy to write up a proper post. My bad.


  • Vivio going to school; Arf, Yuuno and Nanoha spying on her. That was the best moment in the whole series. I couldn’t get a screenshot of it yet (I promise I’ll come back and get one. It was just that cute).
  • Lutecia. I’ve loved little Lutecia from the start. Like a purple-haired Fate. The end, after getting out of the asylum-ish place, is so cute. Especially when she gives Caro a flower (Damn you Caro. You’re ruining my LuteciaVivio lovefest!)
  • Ginga teaching the numbers. I hate Ginga and Suburu to some extent. But it was very very cute watching her teach everyone.

  • All the emo facial contortion. THERE WAS A LOT. :D
  • Hayate. How could I forget about my beloved Hayate? LuteciaVivio lovefest, step aside. We need a HayateXHerself HayateXyoungHayate time paradox lovefest, ASAP. But she was awesome when she got more screen time and when she saved Vita. Yay Hayate! We love you~ :’D

  • Vivio and Nanoha’s battle, if a really overdone idea in the series, was really nice. I mean in a sad way. It made me really sad y’know? It reminded me of Fate alot (See disappointments).
  • That one moment after Vivio was ‘kidnapped’ where Fate confronts Nanoha really made me happy (see above brackets).
  • Yangire Nanoha snap moment. That was easily the most memorable part of the series.


  • Lack of NanohaXFate.
  • Bringing up the whole project Fate thing.
  • Lack of major bad guy.
  • No major death.
  • No major death for Yuuno.
  • No word of LuteciaVivio lovefest.

I kind of had the idea of VivioXLutecia well…cause they look vaguly around the same age. But that’s not it. New spin off series. Vivio is learning to be a mage, at her side is her friend Lutecia~ Caro and Erio can go away. Lutecia is Vivio’s, Caro! You already have a lolicon boyfriend. Grrrr…. From now on I will hope for a spin off of Nanoha with all the same characters except older Lutecia and Vivio as the main characters~


  • Raving Otaku

    September 25, 2007

    I think Vivio’s younger than Caro and Lutecia, Lutecia appears to be about the same age as Caro and Erio. :)

    So why not a Vivio x Lutecia x Caro three way thing? ;)

  • Fang-tan

    September 25, 2007

    That could work as well. Although wit that sort of situation it would most liekly turn into a…*shudder*….Erio loli harem thing. XD

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