Rozen Maiden Piano Sound Album Review

Couldn't find cover, enjoy fanart

Well, I didn’t even hear about this anywhere. I don’t know what it is but when I saw Nipponsei releasing something Rozen Maiden? So maybe this is old or not even official? Well whatever. Rozen Maiden + Piano = the greatest? I don’t know. I haven’t heard it yet…

Normally, I just review Doujin albums so this might be a little strange. But I’ll just use my love of Rozen Maiden to justify such a review.

  1. Tanjou ~Ketakaki Dolls~
    I’ll admit I haven’t listen to the Traumend or first season soundtrack in awhile, but I’m assuming these are new arrangements, not just a collection of older tracks a la Leer Lied. Anyways, until about the 2:30 mark this song is pretty boring. But I think I can remember which track it originally was. Personally, I don’t think this is a very good start to this album (again for some reason saying that sounds weird because this is an offical release) but i still have high hopes!
  2. Kinjirareta Asobi -Piano Sound Album Version-
    I was looking forward to this. It’s nowhere as as amazing as the original was when I first heard it. But it still is such an awesome track. It’s amazingly creepy. I can almost hear it right in the series somewhere. It would fit so well. Actually, perhaps the music would have been better like this? Mostly piano and a little more creepy? I hate to admit it but Mitsumune Shinkichi’s music is a little generic. It always sounds the same on each album. Hate to say it but it’s how I feel. Ah well, I’ll just listen to this awesome, awesome version of Kinjirareta Asobi.
  3. Bara Otome
    Bara Otome was one of my favourite tracks originally. It was creepy for what should be creepy series. It was sad for what was a sad episode. But this version is a cheery and upbeat and Fang does not want.
  4. Odayakana Nichijou
    Finally, a slower track. It reminds me of a specific track from Eternal Sonata but I can’t remember what it is. Well, it doesn’t help that I don’t even remember what track this is based on. I really, really haven’t watched Rozen Maiden or listened to the OSTs in awhile. Actually, as I listened to this I remember what track it was. Wow, what a misleading start! But I enjoyed it’s more upbeat part because it turned a song I didn’t originally liker (the original OST version) into a much more enjoyable, if not parlour-esque, song.
  5. Chiisana Otome
    I have some idea what track this originally was. I like this version better because it’s usually not the happier songs I’m looking for. This one atleast goes a little different in the middle. So why is that the begining is something completly new and the actual song seems to start near the end? Hmmm?
  6. Kashimashii Otome Tachi
    This reminds me of those silent shows, cept the ones you watch as a kid.It certainly reminded me of that. One with a narrator and an evil cat. Hahaha, like Kunkun right?!
  7. Yuukei
    Something a little slower, I’m glad. The ending is really nice. Where it still sounds sad but it changes it’s sound a little. I can’t tell what song this originally was though. Too lazy to youtube it. :/
  8. Tantei Kunkun
    For jazz, this is pretty nice. I haet jazz. I don’t really care for the orginal, which I rmemeber for once. But in this version, 1:14 and thereafter is like earsex. Seriously. I’m actually dissapointed it’s so short. But it might not be as nice if it were longer.
  9. Otome no Ishi
    Okay, I think Nipponsei might have made a mistake on the titles. See the third track? It’s titled Bara Otome but this song is based on Bara Otome so  perhaps Mitsumune changed the titles around? Anyways, this might even be a few tracks mixed in. I don’t know. Haven’t listened in awhile. Especially since the orginal Bara Otome is only 2 minutes and this if 5. It’s amazing so I’m glad of it’s length and maybe if I’m ambitious I’ll try to figure out what other songs are in here. I just know i liked the originals. Not enough to remember them apparently. But dramatic songs are win, amirite?
  10. Bara Otome no Unmei
    Another slow track? Nice nice. Well there were lots of happier ones at the begining so some slow ones are nice. I think I can remember what track this is originally from. But I’m distracted. For some reason this track seems poerful. I can’t explain why. But it starts off slow, almost despairing and then reaches it;s climax magnificently and then slows once again but less despairingly but not without a little bit of sadness mixed in.
  11. Alice Game
    One word: badass. How can a piano arrangement of a song from an OST about a boy and some magical dolls be badass you ask? Well it is. It’s just good old fasioned epic. Man, it makes me see how much I miss dolls punching each other out.
  12. Tatakai no Hate
    Proving that the second part of this album, with it’s slower, longer (ish?) tracks are superior in their dramu and epic ways. This is the longest track and probably has a few songs mixed together. I know at the end it sounds very sad. That track is originally sad. You know, the one that plays when Souseiseki dies and they put her away in her box?
  13. Toumei Shelter -Piano Sound Album Version-
    Sounds like ‘calm after the storm’ don’t you think? When I watched this at my first convention years back (lol) I didn’t like the ED, loved the OP still to this day, the TV size of the OP still is nostalgic. This version of Toumei Shelter is really beautiful. It might be nicer with Shimotsuki-sama’s vocals but it’s still great as is!

Fang’s Rating: 8/10


  • Rawr

    February 26, 2009

    Maybe I haven’t really paid enough attention, but before I noticed, Mitsumune Shinkichi was on my playlist for almost a month straight. The sky girls ost and asatte no hokou ost were both done by him, as well as this. I didn’t even know the former were done by the same composer until I paid attention to the name. Then I thought, wow, this guy is pretty good. On that point though, I must totally disagree with him sounding the same in all his albums. At the very least, his style is distinct in Asatte no Hokou and Sky Girls.

    Unlike Tenmon, I feel his tracks are more versatile and memorable. They’re distinct, and I can remember what’s what. Again, this is probably because I haven’t heard him often enough.

  • Fang-tan

    November 29, 2009

    Maybe it’s just the ones that I heard? I heard Sky Girls awhile back but never AnH.

    (late response is super late)

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