Best of Night Wizard

I swear I’m going to cut down on this series.

Total Score: 41/50

(+10) The opening and ending songs were good and nice. Especially Erinyes (by BETTA FLASH) which was dramatic and sad and held an important meaning that stayed true to the series through and through. Kurenai (by Elis’s seiyuu Ui Miyazaki) was fairly generic but still, not to bad to listen to.

(-5) The full ending song (Erinyes) was disappointing.

(+2) Gradient Hair was pulled off nicely in this series.

(-5) The premise is cliche, generic and overdone.

(+5) Nice plot twist half way through

(+5) Like Suguru said, White Beret doubles the moe factor of whoever is wearing it. Elis = Moe. We then can assume that Elis = Moe = Elis = Night Wizard = Moe. Therefore, Night Wizard is Moe.

(+3) Bell Zepyhr. Nuff said.

(-2) Lack of possible second season.

(+3) Fanbook/guidebook organizing demon lords by moe characteristics.

(+3) All the moe bad guys (not just Lion and Bell, I’m talking about the Demon-Lord-of-the-week bad guys)

(-3) Over use of red setting. I can’t stand the colour red and the red moon made every freaking scene red. That really bugged the crap out of me.

(-5) Lots of romantic checkpoints for Elis and Renji but nothing serious and no love love at all. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, an anime shouldn’t have to have a harem in it or be generally regarded as a romance on first glance to have some romance in it.

(-2) Weak life-goes-on ending.

(-1) The yes or hai thing got old real quick.

(+5) After the jewels were collected (or as best possible) there was still alot going on. It branched away from the generic-ness that so many had cringed at.

(+3) Akari had a badass gun.

(+2) For Nightmare.

(-1) Kureha has (apprently) a bigger fanbase than Elis.

(+2) Akari has a bigger fanbase then Kureha.

(+3) Bell has a bigger fanbase then everybody. Combined. Twice.

(+10) That delicious megami poster of Anzelotte, Elis, Akari and Kureha as bunny girls.

(-3) Lack of Bell Zephyr in said poster.

(-1) Lack of Megami posters all together.

(+5) Speedy release of Character Albums.

(+1) For Bell Zepyhr character album

(+4) For a Lion Gunta character album

(-1) For no Anzelotte character album

(-1) For lack of merchandise.

(+5) For the PS2 game

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  • zenical

    February 18, 2008

    Love the part where Hiiragi keep falling down in every episode. In the final episode, Hiiragi flew up. Ha! that was nice! XD

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