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Affect a Mind

I’ve been a little late on this but =NeutraL= released a couple albums at  but I only think I’ll be reviewing this one and maybe REDxBLACK. RxB is, like, metal and that isn’t my cup of tea. But =NeutraL= makes everything likable to me. There’s a reason they’re my favourite afterall.

  1. ZUN Soft
    A 20 second introduction.
  2. テーマ・オブ・イースタンストーリー
    Sounds like the lead up to PCB.  But it’s actually from Highly Responsive to Prayers. But I wouldn’t have known that. I don’t listen to PC-98 music or Akyu’s Untouched Score. But apparently I should start.
  3. 少女さとり ~ 3rd eye
    Wowowowow. I didn’t think anything could contend with the DARKNESS 3rd Eye. But this is just too awesome. I can’t really explain why that is. It’s just doing so much on so many layers and sounds as creepy as it should. Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye did pretty good (top ten, right?) in the Official Popularity Poll right? Of course! It’s an awesome song, amirite? Back on the topic of this remix, the crowning moment of awesome is the piano (?) solo.
  4. 疾走、稲田姫様。(Blast beat.ver)
    At first I thought this was a pretty weak follow up to 3rd Eye. But I was wrong for doubting my remix gods. It quickly picks up with a fast-paced tempo and a weird accordian sound (if it were an accordian it would surpass the levels of awesome, but it isn’t). Still pretty great though.
  5. 恋色マジック
    [=Neutral=] is securing the claim that they have remixed the songs into every genre.
  6. リーインカーネーション
    Same as track five. This track is a little slower and so, with a sound I already dislike, this one becomes one very unliked track.
  7. 童祭 ~ Innocent Treasures
    Thankfully this song changes from the previous two types. Although it still is a little slow for my tastes, it isn’t nessacarily a bad song. It just isn’t the type of thing I like to listen too. Although it is kinda cute.
  8. 最も澄み渡る空と海
    Another slower song, this one just sounds like a lullaby or a game over screen.
  9. 亡き王女の為のセプテット
    Slower but with piano so it works. Some parts sound downright creepy.  Almost like a scene that should be sad but is kinda creepy. Ah, like a yandere, right? Hahaha. Can a song sound like a yandere song? Well it picks up later on. Still sounds kinda creepy though.
  10. お宇佐様の白い幡
    Although I miss the more exciting sounds from earlier, I have to like this because it reminds me of Azure&Sands for some reason. I can’t tell who the artist is (the info isn’t exactly clear). Anyways, like most of the music on this album, this is the kind of music I want to hear in the upcoming Touhou movie (not the maikaze one).
  11. 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日
    Oriental lullaby? Same comments as track 10, disregarding the Azure&Sands one.
  12. 萃夢想
    I’ll do better than saying it sounds like something from a RPG. Up until the end it sounds Zelda-y to me. But I think I may be alone in that.
  13. 妖精燦々として
    Same as track 12 only a little less so. This whole album has gone in… hmm… waves. Starting off a little rockish, going to tropical, going to oriental, going to this. Exotic? Sure. Why not.
  14. 月時計 -Subterranean Luna Dial-
    Ah, yes, picking up and sounding a little more rockish. You can even hear the shooting sound that is featured in some songs. This seems like a direct remix featuring the original song rather than an arrangement. Which is pretty awesome because it is ZUN style rather than the forementioned genre shifts.
  15. スターヴォヤージュ2008
    A little too 8bit-y for my tastes but it’s a welcome change from the middle of the album. It sounds like the early PC-98 stuff. Which is kinda funny because it is. Just sounding better?
  16. Peaceful Romancer
    Another track like 14. Which is greatly appreciated. This one is a little different sounding than 14 in that it doesn’t sound exactly from a game (actually, it would make one hell of a stage theme).
  17. 現世幕 ~ Across the Heart Border
    As expected, mixing together all the different stages of music this album went through. Maybe it would only be me who would describe the album in such a way but as this is my review (and a lamer one than usual) so I can say it like that if I want. Even if it’s a poor way to do so.

Fang’s Rating: 6/10 (A good album just hard to say anything special about it)

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