Suddenly, there was spice in this series…

Cute wolf is cute. 

Well, that’s not to say I didn’t expect it. In fact, I can’t even say it took awhile.

So I was wrong about Chloe, eh? My pie-y chart was wrong! But that’s good don’t you think? I’d much rather have Chloe as an enemy then as a love rival (which she could still possibly be). Which reminds me, my current rant about love anime does not apply to Spice and Wolf. This series has had so many romantic-tease moments that my girly side has been going off the radar! I’ll admit I’d been putting this series off for awile (even though I love it so) but if I had been told such plot advancing would be going on then I’d have watched sooner!

I know episode six is out but after such a spectacular preformance from four and five (although Horo’s rescue was greatly anti-climatic) I don’t want to peice together what I can from the raw. So I’ll wait like an idiot for the subs. But it’ll be worth it don’t you think?

Anyone who gave this show up before episode four doesn’t know what they’re missing! Moe-wolf-love scenes are the best kind of love scenes. ;D

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