Happy Birthday to Fang!

Admit it, Sanae is super moe.

That’s right, I make celebratory posts to celebrate myself. But this isn’t just about me. We have here the full tracklist to the next Exit Trance Anime Trance instalment, some fangirling over Sanae and some random mass guessing on ‘adaptation of a big hit PC game’.

  • Do you remember what my last line in the last post I made about this CD was? It was “If they remixed any Soul Eater theme it would be completed.” Well guess what track three is? Resonanace! This is quickly turning into the greatest tracklist ever. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out as bad as 5. Actually. I pray to god this is atleast half as good as 4 and Ecstacy were. Please, if there is a god, make this album bitchin’.
    • The track list is as followed. (I’ve added assumed series names. They may or may not be right)
      1. (Kannagi) motto*Hade ni ne!
      2. (Toradora)  Pre-Parade
      3. (Soul Eater) resonance
      4. (Linebarrels of Iron) Ame ga Furu
      5. (Shikabane Hime) Beautiful Fighter
      6. (Zettai Karen Children) My Wings
      7. (To Aru Majutsu no Index) PSI – Missing
      8. (Gintama?) Pray
      9. (Elfen Lied) Lilium
      10. (Toradora) Vanilla Salt (wait, two Toradora tracks?! O:)
      11. (Cardcaptor Sakura) Catch You Catch Me
      12. (Kaleido Star) Yakusoku no Bajou e
      13. (Macross Frontier) Ninjin loves you yeah!
      14. (Hime-sama Goyojin) Candy*Pop*Sweet*Heart <3
      15. (Mai-Otome) Otome wa Do My Best desho?
      16. (Hayate no Gotoku!) Hayate no Gotoku!
      17. (Code Geass) World End
      18. (Gundam Seed Destiny) Honoo no Tobira
      19. (Rental Magica) Sora ni Saku
      20. (Gundam 00) Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi
  • Tommorow the UFO demo is out! I was very excited for that rather than my own birthday! (Isn’t it sad Fang-tan?) Mostly because, and every fan knows this already, but Sanae will be a playable character! Hooray! Officialy this brings my favorite characters up to (Why do you need to know this? You don’t. I just like fun formatting. So just give me a second, but, SAAAAANAAAAEE!):
    1. Hina Kagiyama
    2. Sanae Kochiya
    3. Keine Kamishirasawa
    4. Satori Komeiji
    5. Chen
  • Now we know Umineko is airing in the summer and we saw the Ushiromiya’s family designs. Rosa has a great crazy face. So, nice. Maria’s is still best so far. As long as Beato and Virgilia have the best insane faces ever. But as it was mentioned earlier that Frontier Works (Air Movie, Utawarerumono (<3), and Fate/Stay Night) is adapting a game for anime to air beside Umineko. My guess is Figu@Mate or Peace@Peices. But I’m probabaly waaaay off.
  • Also, the Nanohaverse grows with a new manga. Why do I mention this? The artist for it is Yukari Higa. YUKARI FUCKING HIGA. Don’t know who that is? Shame on you! She does the art for Shina Dark!! So you can expect some Noizi Ito styled artwork coming for Nanoha. Now isn’t that a wonderful tantalizing thought?


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