[Reitaisai6] ALiCE’S EMOTION – Chaos Flare

I don’t normally write about trancecore/trance-y albums. But it has happened. Lately, I haven’t been too pleased with REDALiCE/ALiCE’S EMOTION Touhou albums. This album, full only of Subterrean Animism remixes, really caught my ear. Therefore it deserves a write up, no?

As usual, ALiCE’S EMOTION provides some beauitufl art with the cd. Here are the two wallpapers included with the album:

Koishi and Satori (1024 x 768) Koishi and Satori (1280 x 960) Orin and Okuu (1024 x 768) Orin and Okuu (1280 x 960)

  1. Earth Ground *intro
    Usually, I don’t find these short intros entertaining in the least. But this one is just wonderful for some reason. Like a dizzying descent into fantastic underground. That’s what Subterranean Animism is, isn’t it? So if the one intro can capture that feeling, how would a whole album based solely on that feeling fare? Sounds like something good.
  2. C.A.T
    For REDALiCE this is a bit… slow. The vocals aren’t as bad as I first thought they were. But compared to some of the more awesome remixes of this song this version is just weak.
  3. 水橋ジェラシックパーク
    Ah, ARM and miko. Can it be Albatrosicks time yet? Oh no no, we won’t talk about that. We’re suppose to hear about the song right? Well it’s everywhere. This is what I would expect from a AE album. Some trancecore, nothing weak like track two. Miko is just a bonus. Partly because of how her voice sounds all over the place like the song. Even when her voice feigns a failure. This is easily one of my favourite tracks.
  4. Lost Planet
    True to the title, it seems more sci-fi than… subterrean. It doesn’t dissapoint though. It’s actually one of the better remixes of this damned song. I’ve just never liked Yamame’s theme outside of the original. So, my opinion is pretty moot.
  5. Bird of the Basket
    I’ll admit I was turned off by the chiptune-ish vibes this song gives. But the vocals are pretty nice and make up for that which I loathe.
  6. Born Blossom
    The first part of this song is pretty boring and I dislike the rest of it for the same reason as track five.
  7. Open Your Eyes -Heartfelt Fancy-
    Well. I wasn’t expecting something like this here. The vocals aren’t my cup of tea but they might appeal to someone. And because I wanted this album for trancecore, I couldn’t really enjoy such a track.
  8. Cry for Future
    Again sounding too chiptuney and cutesy can turn me away.  Still sounds better than the last few tracks. Atleast it sounds like what I came into this album looking for. Even if only a little bit.
  9. Moon Light Dance -Night Battle-
    The vocals are opposite to trance seven. They’re low and… just different sounding. The music is atleast trance where track seven just sounded like eroge filler. This would be a great track on any normal album. But because it isn’t what I came looking for it couldn’t be my favourite. It takes a high and reserved spot as asecond though.
  10. from the abyss
    Betwixt & Between delivers as I expected. Some nice SA trancecore is what I came for and I got a big reward through some of the disappointing tracks earlier. This too does a good job of living up to the title, as it sounds pretty creepy. From the abyss almost?
  11. Energy Blast
    Same as track ten, another reward. While this seems almost more rock than trance it does a nice job of combining the two genres into a treat for the ears. One of the highlights of the album, no matter what your tastes, right?
  12. Tag (Heartbeat Remix)
    This is one of the tracks I was looking forward to.I prefer this to the original, being faster and better sounding than the original. It’s one of my favourite remixes of Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye next to =NeutraL=’s. But i’m a big =NeutraL= fan though.

Fang’s Rating: 8/10


  • Emily

    April 5, 2012

    Your opinions are horrid to look at. First of all, you like the third track, which had NO SINGING WHATSOEVER. Songs like these should not even be called songs. It’s like I’m at a dinner party where everyone talks while the music is playing. Except the guests speak in stupid japanese high pitched vocals. Second, for the seventh track, the vocals are fake. You know that, right? God, I hope so. Lastly, the eighth track wasn’t that cutesy. I, myself, do not like cutesy songs either, but this caught my attention. You ask, why would I bash an opinion? Well, because since there are no comments on here, I though I should give you at least ONE to look at. Everything I said was true. You have no good taste in music. You probably spit at classical music, and listen to the BAD computerized garbage of Touhou doujin music. YOU DISTURB ME.

  • Emily

    April 5, 2012

    And also, why did you give this 8/10 if you mostly said BAD THINGS ABOUT THE MUSIC?! You give more credit to the mostly crappy vocals than the music. I’m sorry, but this does not make sense.

  • Fang-tan

    April 5, 2012

    I don’t disagree with you at all here. I look back at stuff like this in shame. I can’t say I’ve improved very much or that I know anything more but I agree. I stopped doing albums like this precisely because I don’t really know what sounds good here (or in general, if you prefer). I won’t argue the songs you pointed out because going back and listening to it now I know I think differently and the same about some tracks. I can’t really explain the score either, I’m an idiot I guess? I’ve learned to explain it instead of just stating it now so that it isn’t just a random number out of nowhere like this one seems to be.

  • Emily

    May 1, 2012

    I’m sorry for saying all that stuff. I did not mean to come off as rude, but I was pretty angry that day. I was just being immature and said some things I regret saying. And you’re not the idiot. I’m actually glad someone reviews Touhou doujin albums! I love how people try to create different music from one piece of music from a video game. Again, I am so sorry. Keep writing reviews. They are improving.

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