[Reitaisai6] EastNewSound – Scattered Destiny


Better late than never, right? (New Trance tag added; not for Exit Trance but for Trance reviews)

  1. Blazing Silver
    Feels right from Lyrical Crimson (EastNewSound’s first album if you haven’t been paying attention) and it’s nice to seem some consistency from the group. That being said, a very well done first track. But if we learned anything from Chaos Flare, don’t let the first track trick you…
  2. 人形よ問うコトなかれ
    I won’t lie. This song scares the hell out of me. It’s as creepy as you could ever imagine. I believe the PV for the album was for this song, correct? If so I don’t like it as much as the U.N Owen one but the creepy laughing is really a nice touch. Still, the song just sounds creepy. And for such a genre and type of song to pull off a chillling sound like this… well. That’s just a credit to EastNewSound’s skill?
  3. Noisy Noisemaker
    The title may be a little misleading for the song is not noisy or noise at all. But a rather fun and upbeat (compared to our creepy track two atleast). If not very original, still good fun.
  4. 悖徳数列組曲(x≒y)
    A nice pickup from track three (which was still cool, don’t get me wrong) with some nice guitar (right?) and vocals from Tsubaki. Granted, I don’t know who Tsubaki is but I think she might have done a bit more because the name sounds famillar. The song goes off the beaten path and sounds pretty unique. To the point where I forgot it was trance? Maybe.
  5. 彩祭雷禮
    I don’t care for the vocals but that makes me sound like a hypocrite because she sounds just a little more like a loli-er Tsubaki. Still, puts me off.
  6. Soaring Princess
    Ah well Lunatic Princess remixes get me every time. Every time.  They’re just so fun, right? This is no exception. I think more work could have been put into it. The end of the song is my favourite part with the wailing effect almost sounding like singing when I cut in it.
  7. Future Megalopolis Kyoto
    The lead up takes a bit but it’s kinda worth it. Piano is a nice touch. Yes, if you aren’t a fan of trance you should still give EastNewSound a listen. They usually drift into other types of styles and it works nicely. Which is nice because the actual trance appears lackluster. It’s usually a facade because they pull something awesome out of their nonexistant hats.
  8. Judgement
    The main part of this song is pretty… well boring for lack of a better word. But the slower parts are better for sure. Mostly falls under the same situation as track seven.
  9. 幻奏幻花、届かずの音色
    Something a little hardcore. Something a little more serious. That’s what we get here. It was fine on it’s own but the vocals add a little more awesome. Truthfully, I’m not a fan of male vocals in trance (NiNE excluded? <3) but this works well.
  10. 死奏憐音、玲瓏ノ終
    Hmmmm…it’s a little slower starting than it needs to be. But the vocals are so goddamn delicious that I melt everytime I hear this song. Very Remilia, no? Was it this one that was the PV? So it would be Yuyu not Remi, right? I’m not famillar with PCB music. So whatever. It’s still awesome all the same.
  11. Violent Wind
    Crouka provides another nice track. Aya’s theme is remixed to death so I can’t appreciate it. I can appreciate the piano. Piano and trance is just a perfect combo I’d think. The same tricks used to make some of the tracks more exciting are used and rolled into an exciting ball befitting the Violent Wind title.
  12. 蒼影~Ancient Unicorn~
    If it weren’t for the ballad-y vocals I would dismiss this song. The music itself isn’t enticing and the begining is a poor intro. Which turned me off y’know. But the opera/ballad styled vocals were very surprising. I noticed that no vocalist preformed twice. I might have mixed up but I think I’m correct. I really liked this vocalist too. Yes, that was a highlight for me.

Fang’s Rating: 9/10 (EastNewSound has found their way into my heart as a favourite group <3)

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