Suguri and eXceed

Gun Bullet Children 

Clearly I am a big fan of Touhou, but what other danmaku/shooting games do I play, you ask?

For other danmaku games I play the eXceed series. While the graphics and the game mechanics might not be up to par with Touhou, they still have their charms. The characters and backrounds might be a little bland but that isn’t all that important, right? Right? It should be noted that the eXceed games are VERY big in size and (as far as I know the newer ones,) need a newer, faster, stronger computer for the best gameplay.

Now, Suguri isn’t technically a Danmaku game. The only similarites it has with anything else emntioned is that it is a shooting game. But what a shooting game! Instead of just shooting, you lock onto your enemy and blow them out of the sky! It’s a bit tricky at first but once you get into it, it’s alot of fun.

eXceed - Vampire Rex - eXceed - Vampire Rex - eXceed 2nd -Vampire- eXceed 2nd -Vampire- eXceed 2nd -Vampire- eXceed -Vampire Rex- eXceed -Vampire Rex-

While the bullets and the backround scenes of the game might be sort of blocky and old-school, the character designs are marvelous (see first image of Tinatu Kagaya). You can pick from three girls to play as (as far as I know anyways, I’ve yet to play the fourth (third?) game, Jade Penetrate). These girls are Miyabi Housen, Sowell Devosiana (my personal favorite, for your information) and the forementioned Tinatu. There are many other intresting characters too. Example A, B, C and D. The music is really nice in the series. Too bad it isn’ remixed as heavily as Touhou…

Suguri is far more popular however (There is an awesome CD by REDALiCE full of remixed songs from the games. The best part is that there are also remixes of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni songs on it too). But for good reason. Suguri isn’t your average shoot-em-up game! The backrounds are nice, the characters are cute (not as good as eXceed and just below Touhou in quality) but the graphics in the game are superb. There is a wide variety of characters (some who come to close to Touhou copies…I’m looking at you Hime!!) and many diffrent enviroments to play in. If you aren’t really into Danmaku and want to try something more along the lines of that SeventhSky game (which I also love).

sword.jpg hime.jpg nanako.jpg suguri3.jpg

suguri-bound.jpg suguri2.png suguri8.jpg aos-08.jpg suguri.jpg 060730_suguri.jpg   20060611suguri.jpg suguri-c.jpg

It’s not going to hurt you to atleast try these games (well except maybe eXceed…all the games are rather big actually…) and you can download them at the most awesomely-winful site on the interweb,! (As with that previously mention doujin album, Sugurashi)

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  • charizardpal

    October 29, 2008

    Great game. Great music. Fun bosses and unique control. Sometime when there are several homing missle launching enemies I wish it was easier to switch between locked in targets, but overall the game is good, and when it come to the one on one boss battles that’s where the controls really shine.

    If I may ask, where did you find the doujin suguri pictures?

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