Soul Eater OST 2

Obligatory Maka Fanart

I know the OST has been out for awhile. But I only just had a listen. Wow. It’s like the best tracks were on this one. Well, that’s my opinion. Taku Iwasaki is godly as it is. I was just going to be giddy over the fact that In his mind DB, sways his shoulders and dances was on here but there are lots of other tracks that are so  awesome I have to mention them. I’ll admit I haven’t watched Soul Eater (let alone be caught up) in weeks. But I was still giddy for this. I swear to god I am going down to my favourite store and have them order this and To Aru Majutsu no Index (another godly OST) for me before the end of Spring Break. I would recommend everyone to go out and buy this.

My favorite tracks are In his mind DB, sways his shoulders and dances, Tactics, Kindertotenlied, Butterfly in the Still, B.MOSQUITO, BLACK☆STAR (lost myself), Apparition, and 421000. Of course from the 1st OST Camllia, Lady of Gorgon, Psychadelic Souljam and Soul Eater (So Scanadlous) are still favourites too.

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