Strike Witches STG Review

I want to review more doujin games (I have some OELVN reviews coming once I finish the games too) so here’s a quick review of a Strike Witches danmaku you may or may not have heard of before. Don’t expect anything too long. I’m sort of in a hurry.

Music: Heh, I’ll admit. A chiptune version of the Strike Witches OP caught me off guard. But it was cute. The rest of the music is, thankfully, not chiptune.

Art: The chibi witches are very cute. Danmaku bullets are plain and the kuroi (is that what they’re called?) are fairly well done.

Gameplay:  At the start of the game you have five teams of various Strike Witches characters. One character is the one you control. Only this character can loose a life. You main character will have a special ‘magical’ abbility although it takes time to recharge unlike your teammates. The other two (or one) will follow behind shooting (I think there two who will just hover nearby). Your teammates will use their special abilities when you graze by enemies attacks or enemies themselves. The arrows control movement, Z is your special attack and C pauses the game.

Team/Character Select

Impression: To start, my team of choice was Perinne and Mio. Because I just started without any idea of what to do, it was pretty weird. I just started shooting. Because Z will always be the relitive danmaku button. Anyways, it was easy enough to 1CC the first level. Danmaku isn’t too inspired so don’t expect any fantastical Touhou like spellcards. Perinne was my favourite side witch with her bullet destroying attacks. Lynette, Yoshika and Mio was another effective team.

Anyways, the game has a very small learning curve. You should be able to pick it up easily. The controls on the main screens are pretty jaunty and there aren’t very many bugs. Someone who is excellent at shmups would breeze through this. Even I did pretty good for the first stage or two. Fans of Strike Witches, for which I am not if you’ll recall, should give this a whirl too. You might just like it.


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