Pandora Hearts: A Tale of Male Moe


I’m a little late but when I originally wanted to check over some series, there weren’t any subs. Well, I guess talking about music isn’t really as fun as it usually is. Might as well check some things out.

Within the first five minutes I could hear fangirls squeeling. Okay, maybe not. But there were some of those vibes in the OP. The OP is pretty okay. It might grow on me. It might be like Brave Your Truth which I loved for a moment and then got bored of just as quickly. Animation wise, it’s nothing too special. The ED animation is a little more pleasing but the music still isn’t anything special. I probably like the vocals better than the OP though.

What would really keep me attached would be main hero x main heroine. For that is my weakness, as followers of this blog might know. And even though i don’t claim to watch a lot of shounen I did like to talk about Soul Eater and Zombie Loan a lot, right? And I already know there won’t be any of that romance. Doesn’t hurt to want right? Heck, I would like that and I haven’t even seen three minutes of this show!

That being said, I could also go for a siscon route because Oz’s loli little sister is too cute. And they were just too cute together at that.  But those are ifs anyways. Let’s get on with the actual content, okay?

First off, Gilbert had some really awesome expressions. If I end up liking him, that’ll be why. Secondly, that angry maid (?) was lulzy too.

After awhile, not very long, we’re getting pushed back towards serious plot again. It doesn’t last for very long. Of course, it’s the pilot. We’re being lighthearted. Infact, I hadn’t realized how very much so Oz, Gilbert and Eda are so small. I hadn’t really seen them as kids until that uncle showed up. Then it turns out Oz is fifteen? Wow.

Even though I haven’t seen much, I really like the characters. I probably wouldn’t like them as much if, for some reason, I continued watching. Eda is so cute I can’t help but liking her.

As it continued I found my interest waning. I mean it’s too cute, I have to admit. Oz is so cute, I want to take him home. Eda is adorable loli and Gil is about just as cute as them. I was expecting Oz to be more snooty. That’s what I thought I had heard someone say. But he seemed pretty alright, if not scheming.

There seemed to be a  lot going on in the background. The whole tragedy thing with the darkness was mentioned a lot and I was sort of confused. If they hadn’t of mentioned it, I’d have probably continued to think it was something that hadn’t happened yet. And then that creepy doll place? Well that was pretty cool rather than really downright creepy. And that girl, I don’t know her name yet, was much more creepier. And awesome. She looked really cool. And you know what I finally realized? The reason I remembered why I wanted to see it? Because Yuki Kajiura was doing the music! I finally realized. Ohmyohmyohmy. I should go back and listen to the Garden of Sinners OST.

Don't look too much into this

After Oz’s trip it was hard to see them again so innocently. Well, moe moe Gil gets taken over anyways. But he gave a cute crazy smile so I won’t mind. But he dies or something. Oh man. I’ll be so mad.

But it bothered me. As we drew near to the end of the episode. So much had happened and yet they packed more and more into the end. It made me anxious. Not for the next episode but not for the end. If at twenty one mintues that had been the middle it wouldn’t have made me so uneasy. So much was going on and wouldn’t answered and I’d go away confused and I’d probably have to watch another episode.

So. I guess maybe I should… maybe… watch another episode? Gah.


  • Nopy

    April 13, 2009

    Yuki Kajiura’s music was what drew me to this anime as well, but I wasn’t too impressed with the first episode.
    The second episode was a bit better although still not what I was hoping for.

    Nopys last blog post..Natsu no Arashi – First Impressions

  • Shiro, Long Tail's

    July 11, 2009

    This is one of those series that I enjoy watching in 4-5 episode batches rather than weekly to avoid the end of episode cliffhangers.

    “What would really keep me attached would be main hero x main heroine.” You would be in luck, kinda. There’s not a whole lot of romance but there is an implied bond I suppose. At this point I realize the post is 3 months old and you’ve probably already noticed that out yourself.

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