I don’t need to know anything other about it besides Ryukishi07 and Peach-Pit are teaming up. Of course, if someone could provide some more info… that’d be great right? Heck, I only found out about it because of Twitter. I’ll help you out best I can.

From what I’ve gathered the Okamikakushi (Sly Wolf, or something) is a mystery that takes place in a small town in 1983 (sound famillar?) and tells 10 peoples linking stories. The mystery appears to be to find out what exactly is true and what is false.

Personally, I’m very very very excited. Ryukishi07 is a god when it comes to mystery and gore. And I’m looking forward to Peach-Pit’s character designs and whatever they bring to the story. Be sure to keep an eye out around here, because I’ll be watching this game like a hawk (even if I don’t have a PSP).

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