Umineko Motion Graphic 4 Preview

I thought the motion graphics were released at comiket. But apparently this one is being released at the end of the month on the 26th. But because it is not comiket I can’t help but wonder how soon we’ll get this. Ah, the Umineko community will be on it. No need to worry! Anyways. I don’t really like the music. But if you’ll recall, I never cared for the music at first with Aitouka and Tokiko. So I think this one will grow on me. It sounds like the early Higu ones, I’ve observed. As for the animation, it was nice seeing the Stakes in all their glory and Ange was pretty badass in Tokiko so I might be able to deal with all the Ange. It is her game. My only regret is that we’ll probably not see the tea party with either Ange exploding, Battler killing Beatrice or Battler dying (?). I still look forward to crazy Rosa and Maria. The preview seemed to do a good job of this. I don’t have internet so the wait might be either unbearable or just waitable. But like I said. Hopefully someone from Share will get us hooked up.

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  • fimuchiii

    April 27, 2009

    today is 27th and it’s no out

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