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I told the person who so amazingly got Alternait 1 off of Shared for me that I would review the album as soon as I got back on Loli Salad. Unfortunatly I can’t get on the Alternait site or the Riff-Raff site either, apparently something about a trojan? I hope that gets sorted out quickly but I still want to review this album which is ‘best of’ album of sorts back back from around 2006 I think. Alternait hasn’t produced anything original in awhile I think. But they do the music for the Umineko Motion Graphics (2 + 3) which just released the fourth installment at the end of April. Anyways, since this is a compilation, reviewing this would be like reviewing a bunch of different Alternait albums. Which just makes me giddy inside.

  1. Imaginary Cross
    I’ve always thought Niira Etsuko did better on slower songs (although some of the later motion graphics ruined that idea for me) and that stands with this one. If this wasn’t of the quality I expect from my idols, it would be a good song on it’s own. But from Alternait it falls just below my expectations. The song itself is very catchy. But the vocals just sound a little out of place in this one. Which pains me to say.

  2. This is the opposite of the first track. The song itself isn’t very good, but the vocals are much better. So they seem out of place. The song picks up a little later on and sounds more like a b-side track from one of the motion graphic but for the most part unimpresses.
  3. Simultaneous
    So after those first two tracks, an outsider might wonder how I could proclaim my love and praise this circle so highly. But then this one comes along. I’ve actually listened to this one before (alot) unlike some of the other, older tracks from this album. This one will remind of the original motion graphic series (Higurashi) in that it’s slower but still holding a bit of drama on it’s own. If it did that a little better it would probably be unrecognizable from the Higurashi motion graphics.
  4. 夏の音
    At first I was sure I’d be put off by the background music. But it picked up almost immediately. It became much more listenable. But the vocals weren’t nearly as impressive (once again, paining to say). But they do get to be a little special from the mostly boring song when she gets the chance.
  5. Pu-Recycle
    Another track I’d heard before listening to Alternait 1. As I said, I think her vocals are better fitted to something slower but this proves that so untrue. Maybe it’s not the songs that are slower but rather the songs where she can belt it out and be as loud as she wants? Well that’s a poor way to describe it. I love the song, first off. If they ever redid or remixed this one I’d be too happy. I think Niira Etsuko’s vocals have changed a lot since this was released and since some of the earlier releases so if they redid some of their older songs it would probably sound great. But this will remain a classic. And if you’re a fan, it’s sinful to think anything but.
  6. Correlatively
    This was a track I hadn’t heard before but really ended up liking. It sorta has the opposite effect of track four. It starts off sounding like something I wouldn’t care for. But while it doesn’t have the same drastic change, it still becomes more pleasing. The vocals sound very different too. Almost made me wonder if it was still her singing. And if it wasn’t, I’d be very surprised. There’s something about her voice that just has this familiarity about it.
  7. Schmitt Trigger
    I don’t know why but the song itself sounds like it should be a remix of a Touhou song. Oh, if Alternait did a remix of Touhou music? I would probably convulse. Although I don’t think the vocals are very impressive. And sorta like Correlatively, she sounds totally different. Man, if it was two different people I’d actually look like an idiot after proclaiming my love so much. Hahaha.
  8. Arbitration
    This song… is just too strange. Atleast for an Alternait song. And yet I think it’ll grow on me. There’s some anger almost. Yes, that’s what it sounds like. It’s an unusual theme for the circle and I think it works well. Although the whole despair thing works better for me. The song is very reminiscent of the Higurashi motion graphics. I guess because I keep comparing them, the Umineko songs are in a league of their own? Nyoro~n
  9. hands
    This is like a different take on track eight. It still has that angry overtone but it isn’t nearly as expressive as that track. Still a good listen. Just not as strange and remarkable.
  10. Dropping Characteristic
    Interesting title. Another song that might remind some of the Higurashi motion graphics. That ‘background’ singing is really what’s my favorite. The song itself is very much like some of the b-side motion graphic tracks and reminds me a bit of the third or fourth Umineko motion graphic song. But not as dramatic and the vocals don’t really match up at that. Still ends up being a favorite though.
  11. 夏の声 -Wind when old and tracks-
    The first part is a slow ballad. But it picks up around half way through. Pretty long at about 7:00+ minutes.
  12. Sugar
    I was reminded of Harvest Moon immediately and secondly of a h-game. The vocals are unusual again but impress with the way some words are sung. Just the way they sound different make the song sound better than it probably is.
  13. The girls who fly in the sky -REMIX-
    This one is a little more impressive than Sugar but still different from what we’ve come to expect. Although Alternait does have a ton of uppity tracks. This one isn’t a generic as Sugar but doesn’t have the cool word forming.

Fang’s Rating: 10/10 (Biased, totally biased. It’s probably a 9 or 8 but Fang is going to fangirl this one.)


  • S.M

    May 11, 2009

    LOL. 10/10. Was not expecting any less from you. xD
    (actually I didn’t know what to expect and was suprirsed you were this crazy about Alternait <_<)

    Glad you enjoyed it though. Also great review, despite any bias LOL. ヾ(^o^)/

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