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Yukari-sama's illustration is the superior of the two

So I fangirled when I found out my favorite artist ever was doing the Nanoha manga. But what ANN fails to tell me, I find through livejournal. She is also doing the new (?) Kiddy Grade manga! Of course I’m talking about Yukari Higa. Let’s try and get some more information available, okay?

So finding real info without resorting to japanese wikipedia is pretty hard. I’m not sure how common her name is so I could end up finding a whole bunch of info on different people. But if not, she’s a very busy girl. So the info here may be off by a inch. But I’m pretty good at this business so don’t worry.

Kiddy Girl-and Pure

One alias for Yukari-sama is Ishida Nodoame for which some Doujinshi was published under (including, but not limited to, To Heart2, Summon Night, and (most recently) Sekirei). I believe, but don’t quote me on this one, she has some illustrations done in a collaboration with another artist named Satsukidoh. If you want more info on her doujinshi you can see some info on her page on the Doujinshi DB Project.

Summon Night - Empty Can

Yukari-sama has done a bit of work for actual manga series, doujin work aside. The most famous would probably be the new, fourth, Nanoha series which will just be a manga. The new Kiddy Grade manga (Kiddy Girl-and Pure) went a little under the radar but is another noteworthy title. Although her most known art for original work is probably Shina Dark (if you’ve been around LS, you’ll know I’m a big fan of that series too). She has done more although they are not as recognized by the english mangaHoly ☆ Hearts which was published in Comic Rush in 2006 and SekaiSeifuku Monogatari in 2005 which also serialized in Comic Rush. community and are therefore less known. Such series include


I also know she’s done some artwork for eroge too. But I really can’t find any information about that. That’s beyond me right now.

Also, Garlet looks really moe on the latest cover of Shina Dark. :P

Sakura Sakura

Below is a small timeline I’ve composed of Yukari-sama’s works but I know I’m missing some. Doujin most likely. And Ayamenoenglish info on, so I need to find the author for that still. :v She’s done another eroge I think too… Better than nothing, right? is hard as heck to find any

Illustrations (unfinished/missing entries)

  • 2004 – Academy .1 (Summon Night Doujin) under alias Ishida Nodoame
    – SUMMON PARTY2 (Summon Night Doujin) under alias Ishida Nodoame
  • 2005 – Cherry Blossom Candy (To Heart2 Doujin) under alias Ishida Nodoame
    – Sekai Seifuku Monogatari (Original, author: Akira Kamishiro)
  • 2006 – Holy ☆ Hearts (Original, author: Akira Kamishiro)
  • 2007 – EMPTY CAN (Summon Night Doujin) under alias Ishida Nodoame
  • 2008 – Sakura Sakura First Edition (Eroge by Haikuo Soft)
    – Sweet Pipit (Sekirei Doujin) under alias Ishida Nodoame
  • 2009 – Shina Dark (Original, author: Bunjuro Nakayama) (2006 -2009)
    – Otome Kakumei Ayameno! (Original, author: Fumihiko Shimo) (2008)
    – (ongoing) Kiddy Girl-and Pure (Original, author: Hidefumi Kimura)
    – (ongoing) Magical Chronicle Lyrical Nanoha Force (Original, author: Masaki Tsuzuki)
  • 2010 – (ongoing) Zero no Tsukaima: Chevalier (Original, author: Noboru Yamaguichi)

If you spot any error with this information, I urge you to correct me and point my error out. For the sake of bringing more correct information forward. :)


  • Shiroi Hane

    May 12, 2009

    I recall finding that she’s done illustrations for a few novels, but I can’t remember the names as I was concentrating on her manga credit, which I submitted to ANN back when the Kiddy Grade news was announced – they are still lost in the backlog somewhere.. it is rather disappointing to see that the Nanoha manga has since been added to her credits but the Kiddy Grade manga still has not despite both the news and the manga itself coming out first.

    Shiroi Hanes last blog post..Kiddy GiRL-and Pure ch1: Girl Meets Girl

  • relentlessflame

    May 12, 2009

    As a minor point for the timeline, Sakura Sakura hasn’t actually yet come out yet; it’s been oft-delayed, and is currently scheduled for end-May 2009.

    Other than that, I can see why she would be a favourite! I caught the new Nanoha manga preview in NyanType, and the art is quite nice.

  • Fang-tan

    May 14, 2009

    @Shiroi Hane, that would probably explain it. And I’m sure she’s done some other novels too but it was hard enough finding some Ayameno info.

    @relentless, I didn’t know that! O: I just saw the game in some shopping site. Looks pretty cool though, so I hope it comes out soon.

  • Beato

    April 13, 2010

    She also draws the new Zero no tsukaima manga

  • Fang-tan

    April 22, 2010

    Hmmm! I didn’t know that! She just took over the job, I believe so I will update the list when I get a chance.


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