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Eh, what can I say? We really did turn into a music oriented blog. Meh. And I guess doing reviews besides Touhou and Exit Trance would be a good idea.

  1. Overture
    A short… well… overture.
  2. Spiral
    Very nice considering I only gave this a listen cause of the cover. Nice vocals and some awesome guitar. Which isn’t my usual thing (and yet I’ve said that in a bajillion albums that are guitar centric). The vocals are really nice. For doujin quality? Hell, this is better than most of what came out this season single wise.
    I wasn’t nearly as impressed by the vocals but the songs are two different types. Rock and pop. So you can expect different things. Pretty cute but the lackluster vocals sorta ruin it for me.
  4. FAITH
    Muuch nicer. From track three that is. Vocals are back to being of great quality. Song too. I’d have a tough choice if I had to pick between this and track two. Both sound professionally produced, ripped straight from an anime. Which is pretty impressive I’d say.
  5. drizzle
    The song is just… ehhh. How do you say it? It’s just generally what I try to avoid in life.
  6. RPG
    Better than track five, better than track three. The vocals are still not as superb as the different paced counterparts but this one is very catchy. With the quick singing, I can’t help but be charmed.
  7. alone
    Interesting. I expected something more ballad-like. It is, in a way. But the little drum and guitar thing at the begining tells you it’s going to change later on. It does but only for a bit. The piano stands out much better anyways. I think this is real well done. It’s slow but has a sort of jazzy feel to it at parts. It can become faster and more emotional in a second. Truly well done, I’d say.
  8. となり
    Another slower track but not as entrancing as track seven was. The vocals get some real nice work here. I’d really like to know who exactly did the vocals, I assumed it was atleast two different people but I’m not sure. I was pretty surprised to learn that the guitars were done by someone from Demetori.
  9. たとえば明日世界が終わるなら
    Back to the stuff I appear to like more.  It’s not as strong as the other faster more dramatic tracks because something weird seems to be going on with the vocals. But the song itself really caught my attention.
  10. for you
    I was hoping the album would end off on something more exciting (which were the highlight tracks). But this is a nice slow track too. It’s still of a very high quality. Maybe you could picture it from an anime too? If only anime inserts or EDs were still like this.

Fang’s Rating: 10/10 (I’m dropping tens like it’s nothing, lately. There have been atleast four I think (the Alternait one shouldn’t count). But I found very little fault with this album and enjoyed it completely.)



    May 18, 2009

    This is kind of off topic, but you know what you should do? Add samples of the music on to these posts, like zzeroparticle and lelangir (Anime Instrumentality and Your comment on this being a music-oriented blog makes quite a bit of sense; it hadn’t clicked until you said it, but now that I’m thinking about it, you really do post a lot about music. And since anime/doujin music is such a great niche that few people cover, it’s nice to see someone doing it, but it would probably help if you provided material for us to listen to (unlike providing an episode of anime on YouTube for an episodic post since it’s assumed that the person saw the episode, most readers wouldn’t remember the individual songs on a soundtrack that clearly, so I think it would be helpful).

  • Fang-tan

    May 18, 2009

    That really does sound like a good idea. It would probably push people to wanting to listen to the album, which is my goal. I still have some albums from M3 I didn’t listen to yet so I can try out with one of those. It’ll be like a test run.

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