Seira Kagami – Celebration

Seira Kagami's 1st Album: Celebration

You don’t have to be a constant follower to know that I don’t review any other than doujin albums. There are some exceptions but this will be the first review of an official album or any such thing. Unless I’m forgetting a review somewhere…

This is Seira-sama‘s first album. Her first full album I should say. She had a mini album containing the stuff she’s done for anime. So when I saw this was out I was very excited. Let’s hope she gets some more work soon, okay?

  1. Intro
  2. First Sight feat. Ryohei with MAKAI
    This is the sort of thing that I prefer from her. That isn’t to say the Kaiba op and ed weren’t great but something upbeat like this can show off her talent better. As the title implies, this is a duet. Normally I could pay attention to the other guy but under the circumstance, I probably can’t event ry to muster something up to say about him.
  3. In My Love Story with Yusuke Tanaka(Q;indivi)
    It still sounds strange hearing english and japanese switch back and forth without any engrish. But that just adds to her charm. This is pretty standard j-pop stuff. If you’re familiar with the genre then this album should appear to be normal to you. The same applies from the second track, faster, upbeat songs suit her very well.
  4. One Way Love
    As if to try and counter my comments on her singing better with a faster song, they throw a ballad type track at us. Although no Never it’s comparatively slower than the first two tracks. And something about this song made me incredibly sad. That was probably an intention.
  5. Super Special with MAKAI
    Ah, Super Special. Man I love this song. This is probably the only re-release on this album. Atleast the only track that came out as a single (as Chaos;Head ED). MAKAI is probably just really good. Which is why those tracks are the most fun. How can you honestly say that this song doesn’t cheer you up?
  6. Tonight with Sound Around
    The song itself is, like the tracks so far, really fun too. Seira-sama doesn’t stand out as much here until the chorus kicks in.
  7. いつか (It Will Come) with Vish
    We’re treated to something really different here. From the start it’s completely different from the other tracks. A real slow track with a little going on with the vocals. The hushed whisper-ish thing that goes on a little middle way through is cool but it doesn’t really sound the same as the earlier tracks, which brings me back to my belief that more enthused tracks are her thing.
  8. Brand New with note native
    Working our way up in the excited level, it still sounds better than track seven to me. Especially because of the boost she seems to get around the chorus. While Super special might make you happy, this one might make you motivated. From the lyrics to Seira-sama’s great voice, it’s just what you need to get you pumped.
  9. Bye Bye with COLDFEET
    My my, Seira-sama likes to try out many different things, doesn’t she? Doesn’t that make it such a rewarding album? She tries out rock instead of the trance-pop combo that works well. While I don’t prefer it to some other things, as Seira-sama’s great voice isn’t used to it’s full potential, it is good that she shows us she can do a variety of different things.
  10. Two Hands feat. L-VOKAL with MAKAI
    The last track with MAKAI, so I did have high expectations. We’re also treated to another duet. As with the first, Seira-sama is too impressive for me to even give a flying care about whoever else is singing. Although we get to hear her better than in Bye Bye, she doesn’t have the excitement that makes her songs so enjoyable.
  11. Follow Me feat. Sound Around -ALBUM ver.-
    Ah, it appears I was wrong. She did do another OP. But to something I’ve never, ever heard of. Forgive me, Seira-samaaa~ Anyways, I’m not overly impressed. While it is good, it’s sort of underwhelming considering how moving some of her other songs are, Never and Carry Me Away included. At least her voice carries it’s familiar charm. So it’s still listenable.
  12. The Love Song with World Sketch
    Seira-sama treats us to a song in english this time. Which was something I had hoped for. But forgot about as soon as I heard how awesome her songs already were. More upbeat and happy sounding that track 10 and 11, it shows her ability to not only adapt to any style but that she can keep her familliar sound in both languages. Which is pretty impressive if you ask me.
  13. The Wedding
    From just glancing at the title of this track, I had expected something sad sounding. While that isn’t entirely true, it isn’t not true. Starting off with the wedding march and moving into pop territory again, we’re treated to a great climax in this album. The chorus is based off the wedding song too (because I don’t know it’s actual name), if not entirely. The song is probably incredibly appropriate as a finale to an album entitled Celebration.

Fang’s Rating: 9/10 (Fans of Seira Kagami will have plenty to celebrate!)


  • killupii

    October 13, 2009

    wow~ thanks so much for the review. i am a new fan of her and for me, this album is just great. i love her voice and all her upbeat songs. ^^
    and ‘the wedding’ is such a great song to end the album. well, it was begun with the intro which has ‘the wedding’ back sounds, and it ended with ‘the wedding’ too. haha. somehow ‘the wedding’ song really makes me want to cry.. ^^

  • Fang-tan

    October 24, 2009

    It is such a great song, I agree. I absolutely love it and she preforms it flawlessly to stir up such emotion. So I know what you mean. ;)

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