Spice and Wolf ep.6

Spice and Wolf Episode Six

Chloe, that bitch.

Like I said, I was very anxious to watch this.

Our current conflict continues on as we see our two heroes run through the sewers. However they are attacked and Lawrence is injured (much to Horo’s distress). Horo finds away out but it runs out to be an abandoned well in the roof and they cannot escape. They are soon cornered by the gang of men and Chloe. Chloe offers Lawrence a chance to have his dream shop with her and make a killing with the Medio Company. He refueses and says his loyalty is with Horo. Chloe says that the Medio guys can kill Lawrence but must keep Horo alive so they can bring her to the church. Horo refuses to let Lawrence fight the men and instead bites and drains blood from his neck, thus turning her into her wolf form. Of course, it scares Lawrence as she quickly takes the gang down ending at Chloe but Lawrence begs her to stop and not her. Horo scares Chloe unconcious, takes her wheat and starts to leave as Lawrence tries to get her to stay (including adding to her debt the clothes she ruined in her wolf form) but Horo does not.

Lawrence later wakes up in the Milone Company’s care. We find out that Horo protected Lawrence’s body until the Milone leader guy (who’s name escapes me) came to get him. Then Horo just left. Lawrence also finds out that for the deal the Milone Company they got 350,000 coins but because of lots and lots of fees, Lawrence’s half is only 120. But there is a side bonus and Lawrence ends up getting a good amount of pepper for everything. A messenger comes and gives Lawrence an invoice that says all the things that he has just bought. Realizing it is Horo, he runs to find her and when he does the two make up and decide to continue on their journey.

Looks like we’re back into our normal routine of economic goodness in the preview~

Tired Horo *Insert Fangirl Moment Here* Shocked Horo Lawrence can be so badass Injured Sticking Together The last thing you see before you’re trapped in the sewer… The B**** Curse you! (Unfortunatly) It’s not what it looks like Oshi- Reminds me of Arc for some reason… Sad scene is sad Horo’s Transformation Horo’s Transformation Scared Lawrence Wolf Horo God is always so unfair 120 Coins = Fail Leaping Lawrence Together Again We aren’t going to be seen again for awhile, me thinks.

Looks like Chloe is going to be back again. Will the girl never learn? Seriously? Is she bat-shit insane or something? Horo turned into a giant freaking wolf and almost ate her. I bet she’ll just seduce Lawrence (because men are weak like that) and it will probably end up hurting Horo a lot. I’m really happy there have been so many romantic moments between Horo and Lawrence. I hope we get a real, real, real kiss from them. Wouldn’t that be great?

I bet we’ll be introduce to Nola in the next episode. I mean it’s the seventh episode.

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