Spice and Wolf II OP – Mitsu no Yoake

So I had planned to lay in bed until five thirty-ish until I somehow got this song in my head. Even though my Shuffle was on the desk beside me, it forced me to get out of bed just to listen to this song. No, the full isn’t out yet. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get the Erinyes treatment and sounds completely different. Tabi no Tochuu was especially great because it sounded like we expected.

At first, I didn’t like this song nowhere near as much as Natsumi Kiyoura’s Tabi no Tochuu, the original opening to Spice and Wolf. I might have been disappointed that Kiyoura wasn’t doing the opening again. It was the series you could associateĀ  her with. As I caught up on Spice and Wolf II, after a couple weeks of no internet, the opening began to change before me. In constrast with Horo’s depressing breakdown? I hate to say it but Mitsu no Yoake holds much more emotion than Tabi no Tochuu. It reflects the new season perfectly. So far, while the economic action has been in swing for the last episode, there has been more attention on developing the characters. As you can guess, Horo and Lawrence’s relationship. Which the song and video reflects. From them dancing, in the festival or in their room to the end where they simply grab hands. Ahhh, sorry rambling.

The single for Mitsu no Yoake by Akino Arai comes out August 5th. If that is incorrect, please correct me. Unfortunately, I’ll probably be back at home and therefore away from interweb. If I am around I will post the song faster than you can say Horo.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to see when the next episode comes out.

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