Umineko C76 Releases and Previews

We have here a blog that has compiled all of the Umineko releases at C76. Which is becoming increasingly better sounding.  You can find the full article here: Let’s just peek at some upcoming albums here. I’ll try to post demos and album covers lead to the website of the album if they have one specifically.

Delicious cover is delicious (CT/Luck Ganriki - 黄金シンドローム)

CT/Luck Ganriki already released an album like this featuring tracks from the episodes earlier. This is essentially the same except with some new tracks such as Birth of the New Witch (which I for one am enthralled with) and Happy Maria -BAND ARRANGE- which is, brace yourself, a rock version of Happy Maria. It actually sounds crazy badass even if Maria sounds like Saki from Onechanbara at the begining of the demo. This album will be worth just these two tracks.

D'va;;;;;;;;5 - Amirita

I don’t know much about this album but I’m pretty sure it isn’t all Umineko no Naku Koro ni. From the demo, what I could identify and tracklist though sounds great. Some of the faster tracks in the original OST are slower and therefore much creepier, if that makes sense. Since the music from the series is already so strange, making it creepier is a great task. Anyways, a very big album at two disks and roughly 35 tracks. In fact, listening to the demo made me go back and look at their other works. That must be saying something, right?


Musicbox Blue and Red is the release of most of the game tracks by Dai and ZTS. Tons of new albums are released and if you visit the site you can see them. They are the tracks with asterisks beside their names (on the Red Musicbox anyways). If you don’t already have the OST tracks this will be something worth checking out.

When they sing vol.2

Expect a review for the first volume very shortly. When they sing is a series about… well the series being sung. I don’t know how much Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is involved. Apparently this features everything from Symphony, Jazz, Rock and Techno so it should have something for everyone. A symphony version of Happy Maria? There isn’t a demo but I doubt it’ll be as awesome as the rock version. There is also a track called Nice Beat. It’s lulzy sounding.

「Observer-Witch Who Lives-」

Observer -witch who lives- is an album from Pre-Holder. I believe it contains most of the game tracks (they sounded the same to me) but Pre-Holder does a lot of the great music from the series so that’s okay. Actually, listening to the demo for 終焉_VerC is different with creepy laughing and some of that demonic chanting. So it’ll be even more worth a listen if you aren’t into hearing the same music twice.

That is only some of the Umineko no Naku Koro ni music being released so there is lots to look forward to. I’ll try to cover as much as I can here on Loli Salad but it depends how available this becomes. I might not be around during Comiket unless the weather is really crappy.

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