[c76] SOUND HOLIC – 地 -KUNI-

Ah, right when some  more good looking albums were up, Doujinstyle goes down again. Hopefully not for long. Got something at least for you guys though. If DS isn’t up soon, I’ll just go try watching Bakemonogatari. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Album Name: 地 -KUNI-
Artist/Group: SOUND HOLIC
Release Date: 08/15/09 (Comiket 76)
Website: http://www.sound-holic.com/_c76.html

  1. Subterranean Animism
    Beat-boxing? I hadn’t expected that. At least anything that sounded like such to my untrained ears. A very unique take on a genre of music (as in Touhou). Tribal sounding background singing? The nature influenced and lively vibe definitely does give off the feeling of ‘animism’.
  2. Highway to Heaven
    Ah, Nana Takahashi. I think of Sound Holic and think of her. Personally, in this song I thought her vocals sounded a little off. A little slurred, if you’ll pardon the poor description. But this sort of pop song is what you expect from Sound Holic. Which isn’t a bad thing. They do what’s expected of them well. Too bad the same can’t be said for UI-70, apparently.
  3. Overloaded Fire
    The unspoken rule is that Nuclear Fusion must be done heavily. I don’t know what that means. Except that mad guitar and drums must be included. But there was like violin too. So it’s a neat contrast. The vocalist is impressive. Her voice sounds very raw. It falters on many occasions but that is very charming if it doesn’t make the vocalist sound like an ameatur.
  4. behind the heart
    Back to the pop stuff but a little slower and techno-y. There’s something sweet sounding about this song, I think. The vocals that speed up at unexpected moments and the calm but upbeat music. It just sounds… sweet. That’s a poor way to say it. Sort of indescribable, right? Even so, there isn’t much to make this a very memorable song.
  5. Yb Allul
    I tried to spell Lullaby backwards and I messed up terribly. While I love 3L I can’t decide if the vocals are unpleasant or pleasant. They certainly sound cat like but it’s hard to decide if they annoy me or not.
  6. Flying Bucket Adventure
    Oh, this song should be awarded if only for the title! I’ve never enjoyed the A~YA tracks when I listen to Sound Holic stuff and it’s usually what turns me away. Although I’m always up for an English Touhou track. no matter how engrishy it is. So I think I’ll put aside my dislike for jazz, for once.
  7. Marquis de 3rd
    3rd Eye was a song I fell in love with when the game was first released and it made me fall in love with Satorin. That was why I am always enthralled with remixes of 3rd Eye.While I’ve heard much better, this track does give 3L a chance to redeem herself if you didn’t enjoy the strangeness of track five. If you enjoyed track five thoroughly, you might not appreciate 3L’s vocals as much here.
  8. Green-Eyed Invidia
    Listening to this SA album made me realize how much I detest the new music in UFO (also the characters with one or two exceptions). But I think people said that about SA too (no. no they didn’t). I couldn’t really tell if the song was in English or Japanese. Certainly I heard English but I couldn’t really make out what he was saying most of the time.
  9. 大江山呑んべぇ音頭
    Something upbeat and cheery again. There’s something really enjoyable about this song. It had me murmuring along as I tried to write this. Which is surprising. There’s a lot going on, it’s also very indescribable. In a good way. It’s so catchy though. I really can’t think of any higher praise to bestow it than being extremely fun. Even when it breaks down, I’m waiting for the build up and it gets me pumped. Truly a treat. (I couldn’t even tear myself away from the song to go onto the next one, I had to wait until it was absolutely finished)
  10. Dancing Ash
    Some techno going on. At first I wasn’t impressed. But then. But then. But then. Man, I can’t even tell you. Such a 360 from mediocre sounding to badass. I was taking this song with a grain of salt because I was so smitten with track nine. But then. But then. Awesome happened. Don’t take my speechlessness as word, just go listen.
  11. カレイドスコープ
    If you could have seen me as this song started. I probably would have looked like a jackass. As I continued listening, more and more of a giddy, unstoppable smile spread on my face. After the previous two track I was expecting something megawhoawesome. While I can’t put this near to track ten’s level, it was still awesome. I could feel the excitement growing within me and within the song. A great feat. Actual techno (I guess) with some great vocals. Sound Holic always has great vocalists. If I can give them any credit (and oh I can) it’s that their vocalists are always A-class.
  12. SPARKIN’
    Nana gets to finish the album. Standard pop fare. I don’t know how many people enjoy that sort of thing but I’m sure it’s a great deal. I’m probably apart of that group. But after the great last few tracks, I really can’t say too much about this. It’s just average.

Fang’s Rating: 8/10 (imo, a couple of amazing tracks butI’ll remember them when I look back, not the album as a whole)
Reccomended Tracks: Dancin’ Ash (10), 大江山呑んべぇ音頭 (09)


  • Antoa

    January 25, 2010

    I thought Sparkin’ was a good change from Nana’s usual super eurobeat songs, but we all have our own opinion. Great review.

  • Fang-tan

    January 28, 2010

    Personally, I love most anything she does. :)

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