[c76] D’va;;;;;;;;5 – アムリタ

Ohhh! I can’t believe how excited I am this is out. I brought it up in another post but I’m surprised this is the first Umineko no Naku Koro ni related album to surface up in lossy format. Don’t get me wrong. As usual, I am not complaining.

Album Name: アムリタ
Artist/Group: D’va;;;;;;;;5
Release Date: 08/15/09 (Comiket 76)
Website: http://www5.pf-x.net/~malie/archive/cd/amrita/

– disc one –

  1. あかいくつ偽
    Before this started playing, I wondered why exactly I was reviewing this. Sure -45 does some absolutely amazing songs for Umineko (I dare any of you to prove me wrong, you all know it’s damn well true) but such an usual CD for me to actually go through and review? Well, of course the song proved me wrong. I’m pretty sure this is the same as the original in the game OST. A particularly creepy track that sums up the anti-mystery side very well and plays during some of the more badass moments in the game (or so I recall).
  2. 零式
    I’m not sure what the deal is with -45 so I’m not sure if this is original or not. I know there is some stuff from Beatmania on this album but that’s fairly obvious. Once again, we get creepy quoting from who knows what. Not nearly as creepy as the more famous of the -45 works in Umineko.
  3. メイドノミヤゲ(dummy-mix)
    If you get tired of hearing the word creepy, sorry. But I nearly got shivers down my spine at the start of this song. Not even just at the beginning. Round the 00:50 mark? I was thoroughly frightened. I don’t even know what to describe this type of music as. There’s some background chanting but the background goes to it’s techno routes so it isn’t as scary. I’d probably have lost it if it was. There was also spoken parts that reminded me of the twins from Roman (Sound Horizon). I haven’t listened to that album in ages so excuse me for being unhelpful in that regard.
  4. 新月舞踏
    Okay, not as creepy start. And perhaps I’ve been listening to too much Touhou lately but it reminded me sorely of somebodies theme. I just don’t know who. Someone else give a listen and tell me what you think. It’s going to drive me nuts. (EDIT: it might not be too far off to imagine this actually could be such a remix, there is one later on)
  5. 黒の玩具
    Going  in a different direction rather than the earlier bat-shit scary tracks we listened to. This song is a little more placid (whipped out a thesaurus for that one). Even when the song picks up, there is something calm about the song.
  6. 嬰児クインビー
    I couldn’t find very much to say about this song. It just wasn’t as interesting as the scary songs or even calmer songs that followed. Stays true to the fact that this is techno, even if you make it scary.
  7. Aci-L
    Pretty much the same feelings as track two. Cept this song sorta feels like the remake they do of really old themes from older generation games. That’s what I thought at least.
  8. コープスの心
    We’re building our way back up to the good stuff. That isn’t to say this isn’t enjoyable. The piano is what really gets me. Very unique… to say the least.
  9. トーテンブルーメ
    Ahh, spoke to soon. More plain stuff. It would really sound good, I figure, if they hadn’t put such striking tracks at the beginning. That makes it hard to follow up, you know?
  10. ドグラ・マグラ
    Kihihi, prove me wrong? The beginning sounds like something you might find in Umineko (although I was reminded of Tetris for some reason). The song as a whole doesn’t feel that way. I actually started thinking as I normally do for such bgm tracks. What if they were from an OST? Well, that would really be the most badass, scary show ever, right? But that isn’t the case.
  11. terra lemria cualte
    High chanting leading into high-tension trance? Nice. Picks up it’s gothic ways and drops the tension part but it’s still pretty creepy I haven’t heard the use of those chanting vocals in such a way either. Bonus points for that.
  12. ドロテア
    Unlike track eleven, more focus on gothic level than trance. It’s still there and it’s glaringly obvious but this sounds a bit more like what we get in the games. Even so, I still have trouble imagining a scene for it. And now I feel incredibly sad because EP5 won’t be in English for many a moon.
  13. Bloody Malie
    Bloody Malie, what will we do with you? Listen intently, I would assume. Sounds like a remix of one of the -45 tracks already in the game OST. I could have sworn there was already a track titled Bloody Malie but this is also fine.
  14. Domine
    At first I wasn’t impressed. But then that creepy musicbox sound chimed in. Now this sounds like something from Umineko. I could probably find a spot for it easily. Okay, well not. I mean who would want to take away a of the amazing music from the game? Things don’t pick up until the 1:30 mark where the song breaks down (so to speak).Still not as creepy as it’s predesscors.
  15. Passiflora caerulea
    With high sounds that sound just a bit like screaming, I think we can safely say we dip our toes back into the creepy water. Although, I would never advise dipping your toes in creepy water actually. That usually is a poor life choice. Anyways, besides the startling beginining and those screamy sounds, more of the usual.
  16. 樟葉
    Again, if this were a track from an OST it would be badass. A confrontation, callout before? Great. I actually like this track a bit more than some of the others. It’s a little faster andwith a speedier tempo. Excitement and a sense of urgency always makes for great listening in such music as well.
  17. 精神圧
    Rain along with a creepy musicbox sound? Much, much slower than most of the other tracks we’ve seen. The opposite of track sixteen, really.
  18. A (BeatMania IIDX / A)
    So I assume most others have been original whereas this is a remix as the title states. I’m not familiar with Beatmania songs (aside from things like Smooooch and Zektbach) so I don’t know anything about the original. Very calm and relaxing. Made me want to take a nap almost. Which is strange seeing as some of those earlier tracks made me never want to sleep ever.
  19. 黄泉比良坂
    The same feeling as in track eighteen carries over here. Although that might be because I’m a tad sleepy. Or these songs are making me so. I don’t mean that in a bad way, as in boring. Although I believe this song is supposed to hold a little more confrontation than I’m giving it credit for.
  20. 黄泉津比良坂CORRUPTION
    Guessing by the title, I suppose this could be some sort of twin to the first track on the second disc? Perhaps. They do share a lot of similarities. But perhaps this one never made it to Umineko? Ah, it doesn’t seem fitting anyways.
  21. ランスイルの揺り篭
    The beginning was trippy. Mostly because it reminded me of aforementioned track in track twenty. But it was… just weird. More in the style of same track already mentioned. So if you’re familiar with the Umineko OST, this should come as a treat.

– disc two –

  1. 牢獄STRIP
    This is the track I had mentioned near the end of disc one. Probably, in the Umineko OST, -45’s second most well known song. Which means Umineko fans should be holding their breath for the first. You know what it is and love it. Atleast, I’m sure most of you do. but we’re not talking about that song. This song is perfect for anti-mystery battles and confrontations. Maybe not even just anti-mystery. We see some gun waving around to this, don’t we?
  2. 哀煉の人形Another I could probably see in Umineko. Fits better than the other candidates. Song takes a nice turn inth high-tension at about 2:00.  Probably having two a quick a tempo would be what kept it from joining the OST.
  3. 夢人形
    Easily one of my favourites, shame it’s so short. Very speedy and high-pitched (well for a song with no vocals to pitch). It reminds me of danmaku. Maybe it reminds me of Deathsmiles? I wonder why.
  4. 藍煉の人形
    Pretty much leaving off where the previous track ended. This track has a little more going on. Of the two, I can’t decide which would be a more ‘serious’ version.
  5. Crimsonic dimension (東方怪綺談 / 真紅の少女 ~ Crimson Dead!!)
    This is that Touhou remix. Got to applaud them. They’re going to remix one Touhou song. Just one. so they go after a PC-98 song. Mystic Square, to be precise. Nice choice. All sorts of things going on. The song is very interesting with it’s high-sounding ‘zips’. The beginning is pretty misleading, sound much slower and stranger than it actually is. But still a great song.
  6. Gengaozo
    Going straight for the techno feel. If there’s something weird about this song, it is in a purely weird way not in that creepy way from earlier. Although that still lingers.
  7. Ancients Rider (秋霜玉 / 二色蓮花蝶 ~ Ancients)
    A track from Seihou. I had to look it up. I’ve never heard any Seihou music cept once. However, going to listen to the original and a remix of said song, I see how creepy this really does sound. Maybe I just became used to it. But I can still probably think of this song better if I don’t think of it as a remix.
  8. Ena
    I was actually reminded of the OST for To aru Majutsu no Index by Iuchi Maiko for this one. Although, I think with the combination of techno and that solemn feeling could be said for many of the tracks on this album.
  9. 少女たちの魔女狩り
    Bleh, same feeling as the previous. I’m really running out of things to say. I should have taken a nap or something and finished the second disc. But this is just more reason why I don’t review such things. Never again.
  10. 黒祈祷
    Most tracks, if we were talking about Umineko characters, remind me of Erika. However, I’m more reminded of Ange by this. Strange don’t you think? Going back to the roots of this CD with a musicbox type sound with the organ playing (or whatever) while ignoring the techno aspect almost entirely.
  11. 喰那
    Spoilerific, but probably a Bernkastel sounding track. If you’re watching the anime or not up to EP4, that probably won’t make sense. But EP5 Bern has some batshit insane expressions. Which is how this song feels.
  12. ドリームボックス
    An interesting start off, with the sound that has become so famillar with those who listen to the OST over and over. While I couldn’ see it making the OST, it does sound great on its own. I think it’s the songs that abandoned the notion that they must sound more like techno than like this that are the real winners.
  13. システム零
    The piece de la resistance. -45’s most famous track. With Star Trek quotes that drove many crazy. A creepy quote that fits the song and mood (Natsuhi’s gun toting ‘rampage’) perfectly. Certainly, one of the more popular tracks. Besides the dai and zts ones of course.
  14. Distance’ vector algorithm
    Clocking in at ten minutes long, the final track is a little bit of everything mixed into one. A nice finish, if I might say. Although since the middle is really great, this would probably have been better if it were still split up instead of one very long song. But like I said, still great.

Fang’s rating: 7/10
Reccomended Tracks: システム零 (2-13),


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