[c76] Albatrosicks – Star Cracker

I’m a  little late I know but it’s better late than never, right? This is a really strange album for Albatrosicks (okay, so it’s only their fourth, whatever) so I thought I should review this first.

Album Name: Star Cracker
Artist/Group: Albatrosicks
Release Date: 08/14/09 (Comiket 76)
Website: http://albatrosicks.com/2009summer/4thCD/

  1. Cosmo Phoenix
    So starting off with the usual Albatrosicks happy-go-lucky sound is… well… the usual. Still, compared to some of the other PV tracks from previous albums, this can’t help as come off as a tad less easy going. But to the best of my knowledge there isn’t a PV or two. Rather, the monologue’s are animated. Song wise, this should be something I really enjoy. And I do. Really, I do. Because it feels like they’ve really brought out their A-game. Both miko+Resurrection and quim_underconstruction↓ sound great. A little more ‘realisitc’ if that makes sense. Still it doesn’t feel like the Albatrosicks we’ve all come to know and love.
  2. アスモデウス
    One thing I noticed when I gave this album a quick listen through was how they’ve slid from the pop sound to rock. Which is a good thing, I guess. I just can’t see some people enjoying it as much. That being said, I was less than amused with this song. At least Miko sounded like Miko. Maybe I’m just holding out for more of what I’ve come to know.
  3. 助けてほしいなら お菓子を持ってきなさい
    So it does tone down that rock sound a bit for this. Sounding more like the older stuff. Plus Miko sounded so cute I almost hng’d. Well Miko is always cute. Just more so. Really, even after only two tracks the pop sound was refreshing.
  4. monologue 1
    So… I was just going to skip over this. Because I thought I wouldn’t be able to understand it. But. But. But I lol’d. Oho, it’s in english. English. I had to listen to it a couple times to try and figure out what was being said. It sounded like he was having a little trouble saying it. Which made me roll on the floor giggling some more. But it was neat to understand the story a little more. But it was hard to take it seriously.
  5. ツンデレブラックホールと巨乳星
    Ah, the beginning threw me back. Unfortunately, the whole song isn’t such a treat. Mostly Quim and the birds (?) singing. Around 3:20 Miko’s part was my favourite. But really, pretty skippable.
  6. Walpurgis Sabbath
    Okay, anyone who wants to say Star Cracker isn’t too different from previous albums cannot deny this track. This track could win arguments on the subject. Although arguing about it rather than enjoying it would be a waste of time. I mean. I’m very conflicted. If I could perhaps understand what the song was about and put it into context… no I don’t think that would help me out. First off, creepy (I can’t even use that word after that last review) singing is creepy. The bgm was enjoyable atleast. That isn’t to say Miko (? cause I’m not even sure anymore even though the site lsits only here as female vocalist) and Quim (?) don’t do a good job. Certainly on any other album this would be a stellar track. But on an Albatrosicks album? I’m deeply conflicted.
  7. key to your heart
    Something a little more in the style of older albums. Which is enjoyable. Like I said earlier, Quim sounds way different. Which makes me wonder if (like I said on track six regarding Miko) it’s him singing. I know Arm is in their too because I know Dr. Arm only says gibberish. Wow. I’m being way less than helpful here, guys.
  8. monologue 2
    The second monologue. Okay, disregard what I said earlier. According to Dr. Arm’s profile he’s supposed to only speak gibberish. But this is from his point of view? Even harder to understand but basically Dr. Arm worked for this bad dude who we learned about back in the first monologue. But then something happened and this woman wanted him to take care of her daughter and she x__x’d on him. So something else happened and he took Miko and started work on the big plane. I really can’t understand him that well so that was the best I could make out. The video made Dr.Arm look very badass (at first) and very sinister at the end. This album is seriously corrupting everything I previously thought about Albatrosicks.
  9. ひとつうえのおとこ
    Quim, sounding kinda badass there. Even though I don’t want to admit it, this whole song is pretty cool. I mean I wouldn’t want to stay in this style but this was pretty awesome. I guess it makes sense. This whole album has been something unexpected from Albatrosicks. So I guess a really badass rocking track was bound to show up.
  10. ドクがこさえた毒まんじゅう
    Probably would have been a better song without Quim’s bird yelling. Although Miko sounded moe. Well, Miko always sounds moe.
  11. heaven knows
    The end of monologue 3 (I couldn’t wait for Miko’s monologue and skipped ahead after Arm’s) makes me think this song is a lot sadder than it actually is. That being said, easily one of the better tracks on the album. It’s very soothing and relaxing. I really can’t think of something to say about it. Probably, that broadcast in the middle ruined the mood the song set but you can easily overlook that right when Miko starts singing again.
  12. monologue 3
    Miko’s monologue. Oy of all three, she’s clear as a bell. It made me love Miko more than before. So cute. Miko tells us about how much she loves her life on the ship and that she has been on the ship since she was a baby. She recounts how she gets to sing and dance and have lots of fun. But she also has to fight against the empire and (moe) very scary. She tells how she and everyone have rescued lots of planets but she is worried that if they rescue all the planets but wants it to take it a long time because she doesn’t want her fun times to end with Arm, Quim and the others. I d’aww’d. She says she wants to travel all over space because she is sure her mother is waiting for her. Now I couldn’t understand Arm very well but I’m pretty sure her mother isn’t waiting for her. Which made me sad. Listening to music, Albatrosicks above all, should not make you sad.
  13. ヤンデレ馬頭星雲とリア充アステロイド
    I’m deeply reminded of e. Specifically Eternal Voyage. Which is a good thing. Good to see they retain a bit of their pop roots. And I never thought I’d say that. Someone will probably definitely disagree with me but this reinforces my belief that Miko-centric tracks are the best. Maybe it’s just that Albatrosicks does this best?
  14. 聖樹
    I did not expect a ballad when this started playing. But after track elven, I don’t think anything could really to the slow tracks. But I don’t know. When they both started singing, I almost lost it. Plus, the whole song has a dai quality about it. The piano anyways. That’s what I was reminded instantly of. But really, even if you aren’t a fan of this type of music you have to admit Miko does a beautiful job.
  15. 残念ミラクルアンセム!
    This is the encore track. Good to see it’s something so upbeat. Reminds me of a lot of the more popular IOSYS tracks and makes me want to go back and listen to them. I also wish I knew why Miko was singing about meido’s and kneesocks. But why ask such a question? There doesn’t need to be a reason. Now if only some of the other tracks could have been so upbeat. I guess it’s good to see Albatrosicks is working into it’s story. Doesn’t really help us that don’t understand what the songs are about though.

Fang’s Rating: 6½/10 (the monologue’s were great and some tracks were stellar but for the most part? An uncharacteristic excursion from their usual fun sound)
Recommended tracks: 残念ミラクルアンセム! (15), heaven knows (11), ヤンデレ馬頭星雲とリア充アステロイド (13), 聖樹 (14)


  • moritheil

    August 26, 2009

    Precisely! One needs no reason to sing about meidos and kneesocks.

    Redefinition is something that many bands can’t resist attempting. I guess they’ve caught the bug.

  • yarrygdrazzil

    September 15, 2009

    best tracks == Cosmo Pheonix, since it sounds so much like an old final fantasy song, like when I used to play the first one all day long.

    Key to your heart is pretty awesome, happy in a different way, the oo-A-O! part is just great :3

    The last one as well, pretty weird, sounds good, and ヤンデレ馬頭星雲とリア充アステロイド sounds kind of sad to me, well, it doesn’t, but help when you’re in the mood.. does it make sense?

  • Fang-tan

    October 10, 2009

    It sounded a little sad to me too. But more so like you said. Not very much when you’re already feeling fine. But if you’re feeling kinda down it isn’t going to improve your mood much.

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