Maid War Chronicle Vol. 1 + 2 Review

To be honest, I might have only seen the first volume in stores casually and has an interest because it had maid in the title. But even if it was for that same reason that I saw it was on the Del Ray website (I was just interested in when Yozakura Quarted Volume 5 came out. It’s September) but I had time to be excited.

I haven’t really reviewed manga before but this sounded fun so if this goes well I’ll do it again or maybe go onto doing stuff I already have. I’m just never doing a long-winded review again. But man I do love me some Princess Resurrection. I wish I was reading it right now.

Story: When I first heard the premise I thought: Cool! A bunch of maids, fighting and stuff? Yuribait! Then the opposite went through my mind. This would probably be *shudder* a romantic-comedy fanservice harem story! Which is the worst! But you know what? That isn’t true at all. I mean, unless I blissfully ignored it (there were a couple of ecchi shots but waaaaay less than  anticipated). The prince, just wait I have a few things to say about him, isn’t the main character at all. Meido Cacao is. Cacao reminds me of Garrett so as a result I ended up coming in with expectations that would lead me to compare MWC to Shina Dark. That was a big mistake. Shina Dark is really great, MWC doesn’t compare. But on it’s own? Maid War Chronicle, I found, was fairly enjoyable. The story is sorta cliche. Atleast I found the battles a bit so. But compared to the dribble I thought it would be as a romantic-comedy? It’s very good.

Both the first and second volumes focus on several of the maids but from the look of one of the images in the first volume, it looks as if we’ll get more. In the first volume we get to take a look at Bana and Mint. Mint is a pretty important character but Bana won’t get a lot of attention from here on out. However, she and Cogna go hand in hand so that might double their chances of getting the spotlight even if Bana’s cat scene will be the most character development we see. In the second volume we first take a look at Cogna. Which had me incredibly excited. I should say right now, Cogna’s story was my favourite. Cogna is my favourite of the maids. I just love Cogna. That aside, I’m such a girl that I can be swayed by even the tiniest hint of a love story and Cogna and Rex made such a cute pair I can’t help but want to buy more volumes just to see if he ever pops up again. Because I would melt into a puddle of girlish joy if he did. *ahem* We are then introduced to Louise Kirsch. A tsundere dfc meido. Just what we were missing. I rather enjoyed the end of volume two which showcased the girls all doing part-time jobs. It may just because I loved Cogna’s singing scene with Bana working with her tail under her gown (oh yeah? Cogna’s a mermaid? Bricks were shat). Vanilla and Liquer were cute too in their costumes and Vanilla had a great scene too. Vanilla may just be moeblob but she’s a second favourite here. However right at the end of the second volume we turned up the volume on the SERIOUS TIEM and decided to invade (poor wording on my part) a country. I was hooked. For the moment anyways. I really want to see what goes down. So that must be saying something, right?

Characters: I’ll just talk about the ones that caught my attention. I really have nothing to say about Bana, Liquer or even Mint. I will say this about Martini though (Cogna x Rex is still tops) his whole scene with Korin had me d’awwwing so hard I thought my face was going to fall off or something. Anyways, I’ll talk about Prince Alex first. Well, I really hate pervert main characters. But a character with no spine… is that any better? That’s a thought for another time. I didn’t really like Alex when I learnt what kind of character he was. But that changed. You have to have respect for a man who will defend his passion… no… not his passion. The very lives of the maids. Yes, when he stepped in to take the blow for Vanilla, he won several manly points. He does lots to protect his maids and is surprisngly protective. Not jsut talk either. That really won me over. He may be a pervert but they hardly play that up so that it gets distracting. So while I don’t, back to comparing with Shina Dark, find him as enjoyable a main character as Satan, I don’t find that Satan and Alex can really be compared. And Alex is more man most characters his type I’ve seen.

Cacao…? I really don’t like her (*coughmarysuecough*). I mean she’s fine and all but I think she’s boring. Really. I was hoping the other maids might get more of a spotlight when I read the description originally because Cacao isn’t that interesting. Kirsch is a pallette swapped version of Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. Only the waitress version. They pretty much look exactly alike. No, they act exactly alike too. Except Louise would never do some of the things Kirsch did. But it’s hard to regard her as a character seeing as she’s more of a Louise clone than Shana (that’s gonna come back and bite me). But she’s tsundere so who really gives a flying care?

Art: Sure it looks nice. That’s a given. But it’s awfully mediocre. I mean half the reason Yozakura Quartet is in my top five is because of the art. I’d like to say the same for Princess Resurrection because it’s so damn pretty but I just love Princess Resurrection. Infact, I wish I were reading it right now. But I guess it looks nicer than some of the other crap I have lying around like Alice on Deadlines or Girls Bravo. It probably looks better than Kagihime. No, that’s a given. I can’t tell what the hell is going on in Kagihime half the time. Not just fight scenes, when they’re talking too. Kagihime just has magnificent designs.

Overall: While a little cliche and average in places, I do think Maid War Chronicle has promise. With a little work it could become something really enjoyable. The first step toward that is either make less Cacao or turn her into a lesbian. I’m telling you it’ll make her ten times much more tolerable. Vanilla x Cacao…? Hmmmm. I liek Cogna. I liek meido. I’ll probably continue. I mean I enjoy it more than Shakugan no Shana and I already have four volumes of that garbage.

Story: 6/10
Characters: 8/10
Art: 6/10

Fang’s Rating: 8/10 (this whole thing has made me want Del Ray (preferably) to license Shina Dark and I want to go read Princess Resurrection)

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