[c76] Denshi Hotaru – Touhou Rat Kingdom

(If you notice an error in the title of this album, please tell me. I wasn’t sure if this information was reliable or not). This was one of the albums I downloaded purely for the cover. Delicious Patchouli and cute Nazrin? Count me in! Little did I know how awesome this album was. So excuse me if nobody else was interested in a review of this. I had originally planned to update with a sorta-not-not-official-we need to see other people-goodybye post. So this is better, right?

Album Name: Touhou Rat Kingdom
Artist/Group: Denshi Hotaru (?)
Release Date: 08/14/09 (Comiket 76)
Website: http://dhotaru.sakura.ne.jp/event3/

  1. 夢と魔法の国,東方ナズリーランド
    A kind of slow, peaceful track to start us off. Something like this could be the title theme, couldn’t it? Well maybe not. But it’s certainly something along those lines. Pretty short. But that’s okay cause we have more interesting things to move onto.
  2. 02 – 共産主義による新世界!~It’s a communist world.
    A very upbeat (okay, now I’m wondering about a remix of this song that ISN’T upbeat and cheery)trance Native Faith. The site seems to list crimson Dead? Too lazy to check if I’m mistaken. I mean this song as is recognizable as U.N Owen. Anyways, pretty fairly basic and plain trance. I have heard much better versions of the songs in such a way but that doesn’t stop the song from being enjoyable. No way! Instead I want to go take on Suwako and play MoF right now!
  3. 姉妹は転調が大好きのようです
    And U.N Owen was Her, as expected. You think people would get tired of the song. I, for one, haven’t. Showing off the variety of genre in this album we have a very chaotic piano song. Sort of sounds like Flan is mashing thepiano hersel, doesn’t it? That is a very good image to have I think.
  4. レジェンド・オブ・モリヤ
    Another piano based track. Less so than track three though. Drums are very prominent also. I have recently fallen in love with Cirno’s theme so this is a real treat.
  5. 05 – ふたりはLoveDeath!!
    The beginning always stirs something in me. Like taking a great big leap, or the drop at the highest peak of a rollercoster. The song is entirely piano and switches between three different Imperishable Night songs. The switches and mashing is pulled off brilliantly.
  6. ビッグサンダー・パラソルマウンテン
    Some more trance based on Alice’s theme I think (and something else?). Very quick and exciting. As indicated by the intro, there’s a little heavier atmosphere here than in track two. Which works well to make her image creepy.
  7. ちっておいしいちるちるちるの
    More piano with that fast and chaotic feel. One of the things I loved about this album was how entrancing it was. I would listen to it and stop what I was doing just to listen to it. This song provided an example of such a thing. It sort of demands that I stop whatever I’m doing and listen to it. We really need more of that.
  8. 08 – イースタンランド・シューティングギャラリー
    Like the last trance track, we up the ante. We’re treated to a sort of creepy intro and a that feeling lingers on throughout the song. It’s not as basic as the previous two either. Which would make this my favourite of the three so far. Also got to love that this is the longest track on the album at six minutes.
  9. すわすわすわっぴ
    Creepy intro and I figured most of the same things I said about track eight applied here. But we get Miku Hatsune singing to us this time. Distorted vocals (sort of underwaterish to me) make an exclamation point to how strange this song is. I don’t know what a rat kingdom is but this song certainly feels like one.
  10. 鼠の国のアリス
    All kinds of synth going on here. Some neat, for this album, guitar at the beginning. Besides that, sounding mostly like the opening track.

Fang’s Rating: 7½/10 (I love this album for sure. But I’m pretty sure most people won’t be as enthralled. )
Recommended tracks: イースタンランド・シューティングギャラリー (8), 姉妹は転調が大好きのようです (3)


  • Ffarquhar

    September 21, 2011

    I realize this is a bit of a dated post, but I recently acquired this album, but none of the individual song’s artists (my computer interpreted them as a jumble of incomprehensible characters). Care to share each song’s artist with me? Thanks a lot, and sorry for digging up this old post.

  • Fang-tan

    September 22, 2011

    I believe mine had the same problem. The official site doesn’t really list them but here is just a quick copy from vgmdb.

    01. Himeru
    02. Mashumaro (マシュマロ)
    03. 朝比奈
    04. ティータ
    05. 朝比奈
    06. Gumiko
    07. 朝比奈
    08. 銅羅衛門
    09. Bitawan feat. 初音ミク
    10. Himeru

    Sorry for the late reply. Hope that helps!

  • Ffarquhar

    September 25, 2011

    No problem, thank you very much for the help!

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