Wind Tune – 旅人のうた

Short album review for you guys here. Obviously only picked it up for the cover since I know NOTHING of Wind Tune. I gotta stop doing that, right? Well, I was under the impression that Wind Tune was a trance group? Maybe I’m confusing them with someone else…

(I actually didn’t know this album was very recent. Neat)

Today we’ll be using the demos posted on the site for your listening pleasure. Just giving you a heads up in case something seems off. Again, please tell me if something doesn’t work.

Album Name: 旅人のうた
Artist/Group: Wind Tune
Release Date: 10/11/09 (M3-24)

Since I don’t give a description of the album, I usually muddle the tracks up with explanations. I’ll try giving you one now. Brace yourself. This is not, as I had so wished, a Spice and Wolf  album (people don’t generally do that for anime series, do they?) although just listening you might not think that. The style is “set in medieval Europe in vocal music and instrumental music” with Spice and Wolf being a heavy inspiration. A wide variety of instruments help set this mood. Guitar, flute, oboe, violin, etc. A short (at only six tracks) but interesting album.

  1. 雨上がり
    If I hadn’t listened on, which I hate doing when I’m reviewing, I wouldn’t have thought this fit the ‘medieval Europe’ style at all. It’s probably the guitar. Well it isn’t even the song so much. The vocals seem a little out of place for this style. But they’re still nice. I’ve probably listened to a dozen albums where this vocalist would fit in better. That goes vice versa as well.
  2. 二人旅
    This is where listening ahead comes in handy. Now this could easily be an arrangement of a track or two from the OST. Maybe a sort of cross between Tsukiyo no Tategami and Shounin to Ookami to, Tabi no Nibasha? N-Not that I love that OST or anything! [/tsuntsun] Anywho, like I said heavy S&W vibes. Whether it is or isn’t just vaguely related or not, you have to see it. I mean unless you’ve never watched the series. Which just made me realize how biased I was in trying to explain this. Well I did say there was some interesting instruments involved and you can certainly hear them now. Which is nice. Really nice, actually. Maybe there is just too much artificial stuff now? Nice to hear some real sounding music.
  3. 城下町の風景
    Didn’t start off sounding like our theme but bounced back into it. I had to restrain myself from making another comparison. Although if you compare the two albums as wholes, they’re pretty different. This album may get it’s style from that OST and series but they’re very different. The OST is aunthentic in trying to sound like the period it’s depicting. I’m not saying this isn’t. It’s just a little less believable.
  4. 放浪日和
    Usually I don’t think there are enough vocal tracks on an album like this. As you can guess that isn’t the case here. It’s just that it doesn’t fit the style. Which I suppose they might not be going for here. But the site said the album as the whole was going for that theme. More or less anyways. This is an upbeat, pop song from our cute vocalist again. Mostly though, the same feelings from track one apply.
  5. 旅人のうた
    A sort of slower track here. Which I can imagine is harder. It sounds easy to crank out an upbeat tune like what we’ve already heard. But keeping in style and creating something a little more serious? While I don’t think it stands out as much as the other two, I think it does very well. For some unexplainable reason, I was reminded more of Motoi Sakuraba’s Eternal Sonata OST rather than the Spice and Wolf OST. But, heck, that might just be what I heard. And also, maybe that’s a big compliment? That sort of depends on who you ask though. I am one who will tell you it’s great though.
  6. キョリ
    I was hoping for something slower and more serious for our finale and they seem to deliver. The vocals really seem out of place in this one. That isn’t to say the are bad. They just aren’t great. Although I did enjoy the parts where the song would pause and she seemed to sing higher. This is probably one of those songs that would be just better off as an instrumental. That’s about as much praise I can muster up for it.

Fang’s Rating: 7/10 (Interesting idea but vocal tracks sort of mess it up )
Recommended tracks: 二人旅 (2), 城下町の風景 (3)

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    October 26, 2009

    Nice to meet you.
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    Thank you for listening my CD,”旅人のうた” and
    writing article about it.
    This article really impressed me.
    I have read all with dictionary.

    (sorry from now on in japanese)

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