miko+Resurrection – Sorairo Days

Bricks were shat. (I used much, much more obscene language in my surprise tweet, really) I mean I’m always up for a Sorairo Days remix but when I heard the vocals, my jaw dropped. I mean this video was uploaded in August (around the time of the Albatrosicks review here on Loli Salad) so it’s nothing new. But I hadn’t even heard IOSYS had done an anime album! You can bet there will be a review of this album in the near future. It doesn’t sound great but it’s miko. MIKO. I’m actually reminded of the early Exit Trance stuff (which the new instalment should be out soon, right? I hope I’m not behind…) but that Sorairo Days was good. Meh. Exit Trance never had miko (or ARM for that matter, since he produced this remix)! So I’ll give this darned album a shot! Look forward to it~

EDIT: they have Katagiri Rekka doing a version of Tori no Uta? I think I foamed at the mouth a little. In a good way! Next you’ll be telling me REDALiCE helps out too!

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