IOSYS – ANIME HOUSE PROJECT 神曲 selection vol.1

IOSYS in my blog? It’s more likely than you think. Well this isn’t a touhou album so I guess it’s okay. I mean, IOSYS never really grabs my attention (okay, PV songs aside) so I don’t normally give the album a listen when they first come out. That being said, this is pretty old. But my new policy is to review even older stuff! And it was only released tihs year so what am I saying…? Anywho, it’s new to me! Plus, the next IOSYS album in the series comes out this month. But unless this one turns out to be stellar (and it’s not from what I’ve already heard) I won’t be picking it up due to the painfully generic tracklist.

Album Name: ANIME HOUSE PROJECT 神曲 selection vol.1
Artist/Group: IOSYS
Release Date: 8/26/09

I didn’t know anything about this ‘project’ at all until I looked at the site. I was a little confused at first but figured it out. This particular instalment is by IOSYS. There are two other releases one dealing with Shounen-y tracks (or so I speculate) and one by ‘Somatrope’ both of which I’ve never heard of but whatever. All the albums feautre about 12 songs. If you have any further information to add, please do. Because I’ll need do more research when I get my hands on the other instalments. The nextalbum of IOSYS’s in this instalment comes out November 25.

  1. Don’t Say Lazy
    I have a feeling this will become one of the most heavily remixed songs in the next while. But meh. It might still be too early to say that. Anyways, off the bat I like this more than the Exit Trance one. I’m sorry but I’ll be making these comparisons throughout the whole album. The vocals don’t sound very Mio-ish to me but they grew on me. They just sound a little off at the start. The whole song reeks of ARM. A good thing. A very good thing. Another good thing? All the songs on this album are long. None are less than six minute save for one five minute song which clocks in at 5:58. Two seconds. Two. Maybe I’m just easily impressed.
  2. 空色デイズ
    Ah, Sorairo Days. The song that started this whole mess. More ARM going on all over the place. Dr. RM at that, guessing from the blabber at the begining. So what? Does Albatrosicks just sing karaoke in their giant pink ship when they aren’t trying to save the universe or whatever their plot is? Errr wrong time for that. While I love miko, I can’t say this is much better than the Exit Trance version. It’s just so… mellow. Gurren-Lagann music should be pumping and exciting. This sort of takes that feeling away. Still, a great listen if you love miko. I hope you do.
  3. 残酷な天使のテーゼ
    Ah, the infamous Eva theme sung by jazzmaster A~YA. Hmmm, I rather like her. Although I usually skip her tracks because I loathe jazz usually. I feel the same about this as track two sorta. They mellow it down. Cept this has a lot more going on so it’s still pretty fast. The chorus is really upbeat too. Still loving the length of the songs because even between vocals is pretty awesome.
  4. 輪舞 – revolution
    From the title I couldn’t tell what song this was. What do I know? It’s pretty awesome. The extra vocals remind me of JAM Project for some reason and those were the best parts. It would probably help if I knew what this was originally but I still enjoyed it nonetheless!
  5. ブルーウォーター
    Cool&Create join us and I have no idea what the original is of this. Unlike track four though, I didn’t enjoy it as much. Slowed down isn’t as interesting, maybe?
  6. Believe
    Man, why is Nami Tamaki never remixed in these things? I always get my hopes up. Anywho, bitter thoughts aside. Something cute going on. But the trend continues and I’ve no idea what the original is. But a nice switch to pop nonetheless.
    Interesting. Loved the background vocals and the main vocals caught me off guard. So did the slow guitar and piano. So unlike the original. A little pop/jazz going on but I totally don’t mind. I was in love as soon as they surprised me twice. The vocals are great too. I’m just all Nana Mizuki-ied out. I can barely listen to her anymore. I can’t think of anything else to say about the song other than actually loving the mellowed feel of this one. I approve. Greatly.
  8. 夢は終わらない~こぼれ落ちる時の雫~
    I can’t place this song but I know I’ve heard it. The singer from the first track returns. I don’t recognize her from the IOSYS works I do listen to. I don’t really listen to COOL&CREATE either so if she’s from there I’m wouldn’t know. Slower pop but I’m still buzzed from track seven so I didn’t really appreciate this one.
  9. 創聖のアクエリオン
    Ah, Genesis of Aquarion. I used to be obsessed with this song. I really liked the Elemental version… anyways, I’m not thorougly impressed with this one though. Mostly because I, personally, have this godlike image of the song in my head and turning it into the usual just doesn’t work for me. The chorus was really enjoyable though.
  10. Butter – Fly
    Again, no clue where from. I’d like to take  guess and say this might be the same Butterfly from the first ET album? I wasn’t familiar with it then either. And I don’t want to get familiar with this version either.
  11. 夢を信じて
    Don’t know much about Sound Cyclone although the name rings a bell. The vocalist is pretty cute. There was something raw in her voice when she reached for higher notes that I’ve always really liked. Don’t know the original but this song is pretty nice trance so it doesn’t really hinder me here.
  12. 鳥の詩
    Ah, the greatest finishing touch. Tori no Uta sung by Katagiri Rekka. So nice. To Rekka pulling the vocals off flawlessly to the catchy song itself. Managing to capture the original drama in the song and turning it into something a little more light. Yes, if anything was gained from this album it was this wonderful track.

Fang’s Rating: 6/10 (A few tracks stand out and the song lengths are great but fairly mediocre for the most part )
Recommended tracks: Eternal Blaze (7), 鳥の詩 (3)



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  • MiyuTanemura

    November 1, 2009

    Hi, just wanted to add somethings. Track 4 – Rinbu-revolution is the opening from Shoujo Kakumei Utena and it probably reminds you of JAM Project because the singer is Okui Masami(who has been part of JAM at some point); track 6 – Believe is the 2nd opening from One Piece and is sung by Folder5 and track 10- Butter-fly is the opening from Digimon Adventure. Hope it helps

  • Fang-tan

    November 2, 2009

    Thank you! Especially for track four. That was really weirding me out!

  • Rosemary

    April 13, 2010

    Randomly stumbled upon this entry, and I think track 10 is the “Butter-fly” from Digimon (first season opening, if I remember correctly…). I feel slightly lame knowing that, since I haven’t watched the original Japanese of the series, but oh well.

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  • teru

    September 7, 2010

    Track 8 is the opening from Tales of Phantasia, Yume wo Owaranai.

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