Uekiya – Allegoria

I have been putting this review off for at least three weeks. No more excuses. Let’s do this.

Album Name: Allegoria
Artist/Group: Uekiya
Release Date: 10/11/09 (M3-24)
Website: http://uekiya.daa.jp/

  1. 禁じられた童話たち
    Quiet opener. A classic. Shows us what we’re in store for. A little misleading seeing as this is so calm and placid. The actual album is a bit more into the gothic rock variety. But still a nice short listen.
  2. 穢れなきもの × ラプンツェル
    Like I said, gothic rock. The vocalist, while great, seems sort of anti-climatic when she finally starts singing. I’m actually reminded of a lot of cool Vocarock songs that have a great buildup but then seem lame when Miku starts singing. But like I said, vocalist is great. No complaints.
  3. 溺れた人魚 × 人魚姫
    Really like this one. Guess its just cause I don’t normally listen to rock or anything when I do these. Vocalist does a little better to fit in this time. Still, she seems a little soft and calm against the powerful song. Well, when her tempo picked up I liked that. But just reading a couple reviews here will tell you I can be won over by fast singing. This vocalist, Chika I think?, does a great job still. She can sing faster and against the fast and crazy music without getting pushed aside. So take that Latte.
  4. 歪んだ世界に聴こえる羽音 × 青い鳥
    Oh I guess I was wrong about that first track. A slower piano track here. Which fits the vocalist much better. Much more suited to her quieter style. Pretty tragic sounding, really.
  5. 血塗れた森 × 赤ずきん
    No wasting time picking back up. Our cute vocalist does an even better job of fitting in. Something about this song sounds really familiar. Which I really like. Some may say it sounds overdone (yes, I could probably find a Touhou arrange somewhere in my itunes that sounds something like this) but I disagree. Although the music itself annoyed me a bit with the way it stopped and started really quick after the chorus the first time. But we can overlook that as personal taste. And the song makes up for it around the 2:30 mark. Dailogue sounds interesting this time around too so I really wish I knew what the story was behind this album. I know it has one.
  6. 残酷な距離 × 白鳥の湖
    A little different sounding here. Still faster but with a more sense of… urgency? Nice. I can appreciate that. Vocalist seems a little pushed behind the music this time around but still not to an annoying amount because they do lots of interesting things with her voice and the chorus is delicious. So I can ignore a little quietness this time.
  7. 願い星 × マッチ売りの少女
    Another piano track. The longest track on the album. Not as slow this time around. Still something sad about her though. Which is the point, I suppose. Near the two minute mark, guitars join back in which makes the song less sad sounding and background vocals chime in every now and then. You know how I also love that. By the end of the song, that slow sad feeling is gone and it’s a full blown, yet serious, affair. Loved that to pieces.
  8. ひかりのむこうへ × 星の銀貨
    Another slightly pop-ish track I love. Things slow down a bit with some piano doing most of the work. But from the start of the song you can tell that won’t last. Yes, a nice ballad. That is what she can do the very best.
  9. 幸福への道しるべ
    An instrumental to finish us off. Beautifully, I might add.

Fang’s rating: 9½/10
Recommended Tracks: 願い星 × マッチ売りの少女 (7), ひかりのむこうへ × 星の銀貨 (8)

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