Look What I Got: Kieli Novel Prize

Kieli light novel along with Cat Paradise and Boichi

Haha, this feels weird after the defencive last post. Considering it was about Yen Press too. But whatever. I’m a big suckup.

So I was minding my own business cutting steak strips for our dinner yesterday, stir-fry, when my stepdad went to get the mail. He came back and asked why there was a package for me. Of course I knew what it was!

My Kieli novel had come! Now I just said I couldn’t afford to order novels online so I didn’t buy it. No, I won it! Which was totally awesome, right? Yen Press had a small impromptu Halloween contest on their Twitter account asking what the scariest series in their line up was (Soul Eater was the most Halloweeny but Higurashi the sacriest I said). I was very pleased when I won! I immediately looked up Kieli and was intrigued. It may just be that I have a weakness for light novels.

But when my package came I was surprised to see that there were two other books included (my sister had said so when I was opening it). What a surprise!  More proof that Yen really does take care of their fans, amirite?

Here’s a quick first impression of the books, behind the cut for length:

Kieli (by Yukaku Kabei) sounded interesting when I read the description online. Very generic and done plot but nevertheless interesting. The art is what caught my attention. It looks very… old. not old as in bad but old as in classic. Something about it just reminds me of some of the stuff I saw when I first got into anime and manga. I’m most excited to read Kieli of course. Flipping through the book and reading select passages, I can firmly say that I am squeeling with anticipation to read this.

Cat Paradise

The next is one I recognized well but had never seen in stores (or had never looked for). I had seen it a lot on the Yen Press website. Cat Paradise by Yuji Iwahara is some nice looking shounen, if I do say so. Flipping through (although I already started reading it) I can safely say that Yumi is adorable and adorable is a compelling reason for me to keep reading. Out of Boichi and this, I’ll probably continue this. Seriously, Yumi has some great shocked/horrified/sad expressions. That sounds pretty weird but that’s a total turn on in a character for me. Okay, so my first look at this is a little biased.


The second manga is Boichi by Atsushi Ohkubo. I hadn’t heard of it but the symbol in the name made me think of Soul Eater. Then I read the back and found out it is by the same guy who did Soul Eater and it made sense. I don’t have many high expectations for this. The art isn’t as sleek as Cat Paradise nor is Mana (Mana? Really? Off by one letter?) as cute. But since I was really impressed by the uniqueness of Soul Eater (shup) I’ll give this a chance. Looks entertaining in the very least. And it was free.

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