Album Name: FOLLOW
Artist/Group: LC: AZE
Release Date: 10/11/09 (M3-24)

  1. Transition
    I thought it was going to be some plain trance here. That was what the cover seemed to imply. So I was really surprised when the piano started. I was also shocked when the vocalist started singing. Her voice is clear and crisp and wavering between strong and not. I probably need more time before I can make a judgment on her.
  2. MASK
    More trance but sounding much, much cooler and presented in an interesting way. The vocalist is a little more mature and I like her better. She fits the mood (and echo singing, yesss) and makes the song seem a lot more serious. However, her voice doesn’t seem as strong when she reaches the more upbeat chorus. She doesn’t rise above it and make it shine. Although when the music backs down and her voice is more or less solo, it sounds much better. The song itself, like I said, reeks of cool.
  3. With a wave of one’s hand
    A little slower start than from track two. The vocalist is different from both previous. And I’m reminded sorely of another doujin vocalist and it’s driving me crazy. I’d like to say a nayuta and 3L lovechild. The song itself isn’t as impressive although very sweet sounding.
  4. YOUR
    Same vocalist as first track, I believe. Song is still a little more easygoing sounding than the first and second track but not as much as the third. The vocalist is the real highlight though. Her voice isn’t as wavering and she does much better in this range than something a little more dramatic like the first track.
  5. LOve is
    Neat. Presented with a usual doujin-gothic-story-goth intro into similar trance. The vocalist starts off low but her voice  changes a little and she is great. And unlike most of the other tracks so far, she does well in the chorus, maintain her control and being the focus of that part of the song.
  6. Sword of Destiny ~君のために~
    Ohhh, how delightfully I’ve! I had thought that earlier but wanted to dismiss that as stereotyping. No, as soon as I heard the song that was what registered into my brain. The vocalist, who returns from track three, sounds  a lot more matured than the last time we heard her. And oh thank goodness. Because she carries the song well.
  7. LuFD
    A little different than the last two tracks. I wanted to say slower but that isn’t true. Same vocalist from track one and four. Not nearly as impressive as her previous track but the song on whole isn’t that great. Compared to the previous two anyways.
  8. Territory
    Oooh, serious it up again with a new vocalist. This album really has me hooked and waiting for the next song in excitement. That itself earns some serious awesome points. The vocalist is also very familiar. She sounds a little lower but not in the same way as track two. Maybe just slower? She doesn’t do much to excite up the chorus but with the ominous singing in the back, it really doesn’t need that and she sounds marvellous anyways.
  9. Rock in the Blue
    Exactly what it says on the tin. Rock. Awesomely done. Love guitar, piano trance mix. Another new vocalist. Sounds a little plain but not bad. Her voice sounds a little weird when it gets higher but still okay.
  10. FOLLOW
    Yes. Just yes. I nearly melted in my seat. Into a little Fang-tan puddle. Just *poof* melted. Anyways, ahem, likelikelikelike LOVE this song. Very I’ve. Hate to say it but the vibes are there. Strangely, vocals are from the less than superimpressed vocalist from track eight. The whole song isn’t as badass as the intro but still nice throughout. She’s consistent and so is the music. She does better on the chorus than her previous song for sure. Had to create a new tag for albums that include earbliss. Because this is like music chocolate. To me anyways. Justjust, title album naming track is so worth the honour.
  11. ユキウサギ
    Musicbox orgelly intro with the usual vocalist. Really nice. I was reminded of the UnNKn soundtrack for some reason. Can’t say which song but listen and you might recognize it yourself. While the slower songs haven’t been the pride of this album, this one certainly stands out. The music itself is very dreamy and soothing. Vocalist also improves off her last track. Which is good. Good ending to a great album.

Fang’s rating: 10/10 (so maybe it won’t fit everyones tastes and some tracks weren’t super but on the whole, awesome I’ve-styled music that kept me hanging)
Recommended Tracks: MASK (2), Follow (10), Sword of Destiny ~君のために~ (6)

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  • Fang-tan

    December 12, 2009

    I am such a failure for not realizing NANO and nayuta are the same people.

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