Spice and Wolf ep.8 (7?)

Norah, wolf whisperer. 

Who the hell makes an episode a DVD exclusive? All OVA jokes aside…

I knew Norah would appear quickly~
I’m glad for that! Although she looks kinda strange. Am I the only one who thinks they’re putting the most quality into Horo? She looks diffrent from all the other girls (haha, ear and tail).

As expected, we’ve gone back to the good old basic economics that we’ve come to know and love from Spice and Wolf. Unfortunatly, it wasn’t even that intresting as it was before with the apples.

Who’s that mysterious cloaked figure, ze? That sounds WONDERFUL. Give me peaches or give me death. Does the white beret rule of moe apply to white bandanas? What a cute pair! How many of you have a moe wolf god? The Con Artists This is my Hina Kagiyama move Horo wants to hit that tail Cuuute Fang-tan has a dirty mind Horo did good? They pass all these beautiful scenes and they don’t even take notice! Is Horo grooming herself? Pissed off Horo is pissed off Norah, the wolf whisperer.

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