The Album Review Directory is Finished

I had wanted to save this and release it during the holidays so it would look like it was a holiday treat … even though I promised this nearly a month or two ago. . .

I would proudly like to present a new feature on Loli Salad. One that I think will mark Loli Salad as being a little more serious about what it does and a little more organized too! I present the Album Review Directory! A list containing practically every album reviewed on Loli Salad. There is the possibility that some are not added or the links are messed up, I have not had time to test them. At some point I probably will. But if you spot an error I beg that you please, please tell me straight away.

I hope that this new article will prove to be useful to recurring visitors and those new to the site itself. Also, this is a small token of my thanks to all those people too. So, enjoy!

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