[c76] Dark PHOENiX – ShotShell III

Wow! I was 100% sure I had done a review on ShotShell II. I would have bet anything on it! I saw this album sitting around and when I saw that I hadn’t actually reviewed that other one I took it as a sign to do this one. Plus, we really haven’t reviewed anything Touhou in a good while. Not since… October 10th! Holy smokes! o:
Album Name: ShotShell III
Artist/Group: Dark PHOENiX
Release Date: 08/14/09 (Comiket 76)
Website: http://www.p-pr.info/ss3/

  1. 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日
    Not an overly impressive opening but along the lines of what I remember. Easy-going, simple. Nothing fancy but a good listen nonetheless.
  2. ヴォヤージュ1969
    Doesn’t pick up until the forty second mark and is pretty cool from there out. Soothing sounding piano along the badass guitar.
  3. ティアオイエツォン
    Much more exciting start off.  Straight rock here, guitars, drums, the works. But doesn’t get cool to real later on where jazzy piano breaks in and they just go straight wild. Up till then not that attention grabbing, unfortunately. There’s even some neat violin sounding instruments breaking in. Yes, the end is where the song is really the best.
  4. ラクトガール – 少女密室
    Rock version of Patchy’s theme. But not just? Maybe I’m just not familiar with her theme? Still it sounded really cool. The guitar-drum set up leads with various other instruments filling in throughout the song.
  5. 海と風と、上海紅茶館
    No rock this time. Strangely (and fail like) I was reminded of some song from Windwaker that made me miss my Gamecube. Usually this type of song isn’t my cup of tea but it fits well here and is very fun to listen to so for some reason I made an exception for it.
  6. 妖々跋扈 ~ Who done it!
    Fun. Cause I always love the faster songs and the intro was several shades of cool. I’m a little bored of the guitar at this point but since it does some neat things here I can ignore my dislike. Plus, the usual varying ensemble appears to back the main sound up. So that works out nicely.
  7. エネルギー黎明
    Having a Miku track is the norm. Sound a little unusual because the tempo of this is a little slower than the song usually calls for. Like, all remixes and arrangements I’ve heard have been much faster. Not that I could identify the song. Song itself is pretty good and Miku is as cute as usual.
  8. 明治十七年の上海アリス
    Interesting for sure. Piano intro then burst into a little harder rock with the piano accompanying and the usual assortment in the back. Doesn’t sound like anything special coming from this album but manages to do exceedingly well to grab my attention.
  9. 全ての幻想郷の魂の戦い / メイドと血の懐中時計
    Oh. Seems like they saved the good stuff for the end of the album. Same reminders from track five. Something very silly and mischievous about this track that I just adore.
  10. 稲田姫様に叱られるから
    Same set up from track five. But the guitar is much cooler. I actually went ‘hmph’ out loud because I was very surprised. I mean, if I could looked back on this non-existent ShotShell II review I could point out my same thoughts from then. Dark PHOENiX sounds like a rock group, doesn’t it? But they do lots of things beside that well.

Fang’s Rating: 6/10 (I had high expectations because ShotShell II was great)
Recommended tracks: 全ての幻想郷の魂の戦い / メイドと血の懐中時計 (9)

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